Seiyuu Danshi unveil cover featuring KENN

Seiyuu Danshi unveiled today the cover for their upcoming issue.

The Spring’s issue features KENN on the cover.

This issue counts as well with special interviews + photoshoots with KENN, Kensho Ono, Takuma Nagatsuka, Yuto Uemura and Kenichi Suzumura.

Reports on Kenichi Suzumura‘s Live 2019 “WARAUTA” and Ensemble Stars! Starry Stage 2nd in Budokan are also included.

This issue comes with 2 posters (1 of each seiyuu): KENN and Takuma Nagatsuka.

This issue hits the stores on 02/04/2019.

Seiyuu Danshi 2019 Spring is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: Piabook official store