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The Hand That Feeds HQ’s readers are passionate about male seiyuu, music and 2D music projects. And with 2020 coming to a close, it’s time for you to vote on your ARTIST OF THE YEAR.

Later in November 2020, I polled some of you on Twitter about what kind of survey you’d like to take part in.

Your votes counted, and the most voted survey was this one, ARTIST OF THE YEAR.

With 2020 wrapping up and being the weird year it has been, it is time to put that behind you and remember the enjoyable moments that male seiyuu and 2D units provided us, plus the awesome music we were all gifted with.

ARTIST OF THE YEAR is the artist that stood out from the others, someone who continuously released strong singles/albums throughout the year, someone that showcased growth throughout the year, someone that impacted you in a way that all you want is to listen to their music again and again.

This is, as you may suspect, a popularity driven poll where the one with most votes ranks at the top and is crowned your ARTIST OF 2020.

Attention that this is NOT a “what is your favorite seiyuu or 2D music project survey!

I want you to look back on this year – I know that we still have a couple of days until the end of the year and plenty of music to be released until then – and without bias (or as unbiased as possible) vote in the artists, bands and projects – that were active in 2020 – that you consider being your ARTIST OF THE YEAR.

For my picks, for example, I paid close attention to:

  • How active were the seiyuu/band/2D music project in 2020
  • If there was an increase in quality of the releases made in 2020
  • The quality of the vocals
  • How unique / fresh / non-mainstream the music was
  • How much their music impacted me

You may have your own criteria but if you don’t have and don’t know how to choose your ARTIST OF THE YEAR, I leave my criteria above for you to guide yourself, should you want to.

I will share my picks on an episode of SEIYUU LOUNGE – dropping this month -, but what I am most curious about are yours!

Important information

  • Survey OPENS at 00h00 WET on December 1, 2020 and CLOSES at 23h59 WET on December 8, 2020
  • The seiyuu featured on this survey up for voting were active – released music – in 2020.
  • The survey should work on all mobile devices and on desktop. Should you find any issues, please report those in the comments below, or just @ on THTFHQ’s official twitter account.
  • Results will be unveiled on December 14, 2020
  • Results will only feature the top 10 most voted artists, bands & 2D music projects


  • You can only VOTE ONCE in this survey
  • You can VOTE in ONE ARTIST PER CATEGORY (up to 3 votes)
  • You can skip categories if you’re not a fan, for example, solo artists. Just scroll and vote in the next category and hit the VOTE button.
  • Not really a rule, but I welcome you to share the survey with your mutuals and on your social media. There are SHARE buttons on top and above in this article, make good use of those 🙂


Clicking in the button below will take you to the survey page.

Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
The Hand That Feeds HQ founder, content creator, and music reviewer. Basically, the only person managing everything at The Hand That Feeds HQ. Stumbling upon Mamoru Miyano's "Orpheus" in 2011 was the start of this journey. If music is thought-provoking or deep, you may find her writing almost essays (not limited to, but it happens a lot with Soma Saito's music). She's the producer and host of the male seiyuu-centric podcast, SEIYUU LOUNGE (see Spotify link in this profile).


  1. Thank you for the survey! I’m just wondering, shouldn’t Hiro Shimono be included in the solo artist category? He released his album We Go! in August this year.

    • Hope you had fun revising your favorite artists of the year!
      Yes, he should and thanks for bringing that to my attention.

      I’ve added him to the survey so, if you haven’t voted yet, you can now do it! 🙂


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