Seiyuu and 2D Groups Get Creative for April Fools 2022

April Fools is here and there are some traditions seiyuu don’t break, others try new pranks and lies, and 2D music projects branch out to the craziest of concepts.

Let’s take a look at some of this year’s April Fools pranks or fake projects created by your favorite Japanese voice actors.

A certain female idol is back (oh, yes, you know who it is!), after years of enka singer pranks one seiyuu transforms into the newest female idol, 2D music franchises launch fake games, TSUKIPRO announces a new movie, among many other shenanigans.

A note that the projects featured below are PRANKS / LIES told by male seiyuu on April Fools’ Day.

Shunichi Toki stops being an 80s j-pop singer and turns into… a female idol

For those that follow Shunichi Toki on social media, you’re already pretty familiar with his crazy shenanigans on April Fools, bringing some of the most detailed lies time and time again.

After being an enka singer in 2020 and an 80s j-pop singer in 2021, Shunichi Toki joins Junta Terashima’s JUNTAA and turns into the female idol, Pigumi.

Our beloved JUNTAA is back for April Fools, with Junta Terashima once again embracing his idol self, going wild for this year’s transformation.

The follow up to 2020’s “Hoppy Girl” and 2021’s 乙女ストロング (Otome Strong), is titled ぐにゃぐにゃはっぴーしゃんぱんぱん (Gunya Gunya Happy Shanpanpan) featuring new female idol, Pigumi.

Kudos once again to Junta Terashima sticking with this concept for April Fools and delivering a follow up and equally hilarious song and music video.

Paradox Live’s members turn into hosts

After last year’s romance game, the Paradox Live franchise kicks off April Fools with the announcement of a game in which all characters have turned into hosts.

With whom will you find romance in Paradox Live ~Eternal illusion at the Legendary Club~?

Tsukipro creates the short movie “The Magic Books”

Tsukipro likes to go really wild with its elaborate April Fools gags.

This time around the label announced the release of the short movie “The Magic Books“, featuring some characters from Tsukiuta’s groups as well as Sunpro, SQ and ALIVE’s groups.

A3! turns into a school of magic


With each passing year, the A3! franchise grows bigger, and thus, A9! is here however instead of being a company, it now is a school of magic.

STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT have their own fighting game

Utapri’s STARISH and QUARTET NIGHT put their microphones down and get ready to rumble in the arcade fighting game “Shining Heroes“.

You can play the game HERE.

HE★VENS participates in the romance TV show “HE★VENS LOVE AFFAIR”

Within the Utapri franchise, HE★VENS does its own thing on April Fools, this time around pivoting from last year’s horror game to a romance TV show titled “HE★VENS LOVE AFFAIR“.

Check its promotional video below!

You can check the candidate’s profiles on HEAVENS’ official website, including their BRO-GRAM profiles.

B-PROJECT announces “Wizard of Fairytale”


“Wizard of Fairytale” is a magic school that trains many legendary wizards and magicians who exist in fairy tales. The campus is divided into four dormitories, and by their assignment, students are trained to become the type of wizard that suits their aptitude.

All groups turned into different wizarding houses and will face a multitude of trials.

You can check out the art and full synopsis on the official website.

Ensemble Stars!! welcomes a new group, BkuB

The Ensemble Stars!! franchise joins in the fun and announces a new group, BkuB.

The group consists of Rei Sakuma, Koga Oogami, the Aoi twins, and Mao Isara. The song “BUKUBU NEW STARS!!” is available to play in-game.

Dameraji joins the cast of a mixed media project

Saito Soma and Ishikawa Kaito’s Damepuri RADIO 2019

Movic creates a mixed media project and Dameraji’s hosts – Soma Saito and Kaito Ishikawa – get to voice characters in a game with the potential to have anime, theatre plays, and even manga.

But first things, first. There is going to be a radio show.

The announcement video can be found in the tweet below.

A video with a snippet of the radio show for that mixed media project is going to premiere at 12:00 JST.

Did your favorite male seiyuu pull off a prank on April Fools? Let me know in the comments below, and the most interesting pranks/lies will be added to this article!

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