Lantis broadcasted SCREEN mode “One Wish” live on youtube


SCREEN mode performed live on Lantis’ youtube channel.

Today, Lantis kicked off their Lantis Online Live series, delivering several live or broadcasting previous shows on their youtube channel. This comes as a special treat for everyone currently stuck at home helping flatten the curve of Coronavirus spread.

Fans of SCREEN mode got the opportunity to watch live – and can still rewatch it – One Wish‘s live set to promote the single of the same name released back in 2019.

Watch below the full live that was broadcasted today on Lantis’ official youtube channel.

On another note: if you are a fan of most of the artists signed to Lantis, make sure to follow their youtube channel. The label has been live streaming shows from their talents for free on their channel.

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And remember, stay home, stay safe!

SOURCE: Lantis