Ryohei Kimura’s “Kimuraism”: First previews and new details released

First previews of Ryohei Kimura‘s variety show “Kimuraism” are out.

Ryohei Kimura‘s first variety show “Kimura Ryohei’s Kimuraism” is going to have its first DVD released on 26/10/2018. The variety show has Kimura and his guests engage in adult hobbies such as photography, golf, bouldering and cooking.

Nobuhiko Okamoto and Nobunaga Shimazaki joined the show as guests for this DVD. Alongside Kimura, they played golf, cooked, prepared meals, took professional photos of their creations and did some bouldering.

A couple of previews were released recently.

It was also confirmed that Yuto Uemura is in charge of narration for this DVD.

For more details please refer to the links below. This DVD is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.


SOURCE: Kimuraism official twitter accountAnimate Shop