Rusted Armors new musical performance to be released on DVD

Rusted Armors, musical starring EXILE’s Taiki Sato and stage actor/seiyuu/singer Toshiki Masuda, is going to be released on DVD.

The popular musical  錆色のアーマ (Rusted Armors) had a new run this past June. After successful performances, the second part of the musical,  錆色のアーマ -繋ぐ- (Rusted Armors – Tsunagu -), is going to be released on DVD in December 2019.

Check out a digest video from this year’s opening session.

The DVD is going to feature the following contents:

  • Main performance
  • Backstage footage

Rusted Armors – Tsunagu – is currently unavailable for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: Rusted Armors official twitter account