RUBIA Leopard release music video for “Destination”

DIG-ROCK Blue x Red

DIG-ROCK released the music video for RUBIA Leopard‘s “Destination“, song included in entry in RUBIA Leopard “DIG-ROCK ―RED― Type:RL”.

Blue x Red will count with 2 releases – one for RUBIA Leopard and another for Impish Crow.

RUBIA Leopard “DIG-ROCK ―RED― Type:RL” is scheduled to be released on 25/11/2020, available in regular edition.

The cover art is the following:

The song included in this release is titled “Destination“.

The complete tracklist is the following:

1 – 挫折
2 – 反省
3 – 惰性
4 – 決意
5 – 端緒
6 – RUBIA Leopard
7 – Destination (RUBIA Leopard’s new song)

A preview is out.

The music video for Destination is out.


DIG-ROCK is a 2D rock music franchise created by TEAM Entertainment in 2019. The franchise branches out from the drama CD series, MintLip. This is a mixed media project that incorporates music with drama CDs.

DIG-ROCK counts with 2 rock bands of different backgrounds and sound.

So far, each band has released 3 singles and made 2 entries in the DUEL ROCK FES series that occupied a big part of 2020.

Meet RUBIA Leopard

RUBIA Leopard
RUBIA Leopard

RUBIA Leopard is a popular rock band within the franchise. It is fronted by AKANE (CV: Makoto Furukawa) and counts with guitarist KURONO (CV: Kaito Ishikawa), bassist MASHIRO (CV: Takuya Sato) and drummer HAIJI (CV: Natsuki Hanae).

So far, the band released the following songs:

RUBIA Leopard “DIG-ROCK ―RED― Type:RL” is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Source: DIG-ROCK official website / DIG-ROCK official twitter account