RIGEL “Baby Love” (Review)

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The unit consisting of Yuki InoueKeisuke Furuhata, Junya Komatsu and Tatsuya Tokutake return with a new single titled “Baby Love“. Featured on their second drama CD, RIGEL bring something unexpected to the table.

Title: Rigel vol.2 -evolution-
Release date: 17/03/2017 
Label: Tsukicro 
Genre: Ballad/R&B/Pop


1. ドラマ「それぞれの・1-リンタロウの場合-」
2. ドラマ「それぞれの・2-マキの場合-」
3. ドラマ「それぞれの・3-ヨウスケの場合-」
4. ドラマ「それぞれの・4-イズモの場合-」
5. ドラマ「Rigel」
6. Baby Love
7. キャスト座談会-Rigelの場合-

Track analysis:

6. Baby Love

This is by far RIGEL‘s best song to date. “Baby Love” is a sweet R&B song with some simple ballad touches. With a sweet melody that guides the listener through the first gentle verses to the beautiful chorus, we can already forget about whatever synths have marked their sound. With a simpler formula this unit managed to shine much more, showing solid control over their vocals for this heartfelt performance. Are synths missing? Well, one thing we know, we didn’t miss them.

Major props to Tatsuya Tokutake and Junya Komatsu – their performances were strong and full of flair. On the other side Keisuke Furuhara and Yuki Inoue were in charge of the tricky parts in the song – falsetto and belting high notes – which they delivered pretty well. We know that last time we pointed out that RIGEL presented some vocal issues and forgot to leave a mark. This time around we correct that to say that they nailed it with this performance, showcasing their talented vocals in such a powerful, yet simple song. Top marks.

Final rating:

Rigel vol.2 -evolution- is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.


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