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Yuma Shirase’s peridot×hematite- is a polarizing release, one that focuses on versatility to impress the listener.

VAZZROCK Yuma peridot×hematite
Title: 白瀬優馬-peridot×hematite-
Label: Tsukipro/Movic 
Release date: 24/04/2020
Genre: Dance/Ballad


1 - DRAMA「悩みは尽きない少年」 
2 - DRAMA「面白い少年」 
3 - アイノビート (Yuma Shirase solo)
4 - 夕日が丘  (Yuma Shirase and Gaku Oguro duet)
5 - アイノビート -off vocal- 
6 - 夕日が丘 -off vocal-

Track by track analysis:

3 – アイノビート

Ai no bito introduces us to high tension electronic-rock. Synths lead the way for this track, adding a glitchy twist to the track while melodic guitar riffs paint the background.

Atmospheric synths and strings add nice touches in the background of this track. Tension rises in the verses, building up to the fast paced, intense chorus with some of the catchiest lyrics in the VAZZROCK franchise.

The bridge is simple but insanely addictive – adding to the fact that this song was already addictive enough to begin with!

On the vocal end, Shun Horie goes for a masterful performance. He tackles this track with a mid-to-low voice tone that sounds comfortable and natural, making the performance all the more engaging. Power performance from him.

4 – 夕日が丘

To wrap up this release we have the sweet, slow paced ballad, Yuhi ga oka. A delicate piano melody opens this track, serving an accompaniment to Takuya Masumoto’s vocals. When Shun Horie joins in, the track’s dynamics change, introducing slow paced drums and acoustic guitars into the mix.

The verses flow sweetly and slowly, lullabying the listener in all its tenderness. That carries over the chorus, one that is visibly emotional. There are no big changes in the chorus in terms of tone or speed, which makes for this transition verse-chorus to be seamless and, in return, for the song to fly by quickly.

The 2nd verse introduces rhodes piano melodies that do wonders, adding a nostalgic tone to this gentle track.

Horie and Masumoto clicked on the vocal end and delivered an impressive performance in which both sides of the spectrum were covered, Horie with high notes and Masumoto with deep, low tones.

When harmonizing, the pair managed to find a sweet spot in which they sounded in perfect unison. Bonus points for their sweet falsetto and chemistry.

Final considerations

As it has been a trend with Yuma Shirase’s entries in the VAZZROCK franchise, this one is a definitive banger.

Electronic-rock suits pretty well with Shun Horie’s vocals – that are deeper for Shirase’s performances – and adds a good amount of spice and variety to a franchise that is packed with rock and pop-rock songs.

It is hard to choose a favorite song in this release.

The favorite will change depending on mood, I guess.

Ai no bito is an energizer, a song that puts the listener in a good mood. It has a refreshing sound – taking once again into account what has been released within the franchise -, and the performance is hear-catching. Rumor has it that the chorus is still being played in loop in my head!

Yuhi ga oka is an unexpected ballad coming from the VAZZY member that has a whole lot of energizing, danceable electro-rock songs under his belt.

But, as unexpected as it is, the song fit well with Shun Horie’s vocals – that, must I remind you, sound insanely well in this release -, and Takuya Masumoto that, for this released showed a consistency and control that I would have loved to have listened to in his 1st bi-color series entry.

The pair worked well together, with the voices fitting together in a really cool way that enabled them to sound as one.

All in all, Yuma Shirase’s peridot×hematite- is a must listen. It is a polarizing release but, from a different perspective, it is a release that showcases versatility from the franchise as well as Shun Horie’s – up until now – impressive singing skills.

A must pick up for any fan of electronic-rock and an odd ballad or two.

Shirase Yuma -peridot×hematite- is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

VAZZROCK bi-color Series 2nd Season / Yuma Shirase (Shun Horie) & Gaku Oguro (Takuya Masumoto)
Yuma Shirase (Shun Horie) & Gaku Oguro (Takuya Masumoto)


Yuma Shirase’s peridot×hematite- is a polarizing release but, from a different perspective, it is a release that showcases versatility from the franchise as well as Shun Horie’s – up until now – impressive singing skills. It is surprising - and pretty pleasant - to know that fans can always rely on Yuma Shirase to give an electrifying and addictive shot of electronic-rock with quality vocals on top.


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