Review | “Tokyo Color Sonic!! Unit.1 ARASHI×SORA”

The first buddy team – ARASHI and SORA – brings pop-punk rock to the spotlight for an electrifying “NEW DEVIATION“.

Tokyo Color Sonic is the name of the mixed-media franchise created by sprout and counting with character designs by the popular illustrator Ryo Fujiwara.

This franchise counts with an 8 character cast, with characters split into 4 different “buddy” units of singer + songwriter.

Tokyo Color Sonic counts with drama + music in its CDs.

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Title: Tokyo Color Sonic!! Unit.1 ARASHI×SORA
Label: sprout/COLORATION
Release date: 30/07/2021
Genre: Pop-Punk



Track analysis:


Overdriven guitars paint a dreamy soundscape in the intro to “NEW DEVIATION”. The song quickly changes dynamics as it enters its first verse, with the powerful guitar riffs toning down, giving way to the bass and drums to take the spotlight.

The verses are brief, quickly evolving into an explosive, punk-pop-inspired chorus that will have you headbanging along. It has a youthful yet intense vibe that is further enhanced by the charismatic performance by Shoya Chiba.

My only issue with this song lies once again with how low the vocals are in comparison to the instrumental.

It seems like Chiba is far away at the same time that the guitars are surrounding smothering you and the drums taking center stage. This is an odd mixing and it may take some listens to get used to it. If his vocals were brought up a bit (or the instrumental sound levels toned down), this song would be perfect.

As far as the vocals go, Chiba brought a lot of energy for this track – a must for the fast-paced punk-pop genre – and gave a twist to his vocals, lowering a bit his tone and bringing vibrato into the mix. He delivers each line with confidence and never misses a beat. He was rock solid.

NEW DEVIATION” will be an exciting track for fans of rock music to enjoy. If you were expecting the solo tracks to go in the same line as “Begin on Buddy”, then this track will come as a surprise (yet a pleasant one if you enjoy good vocals and don’t mind fast-paced guitars and drums).

Straightforward and intense, “NEW DEVIATION” is a good introduction to the buddy team 1 and its vocal, Arashi (CV: Shoya Chiba).

Tokyo Color Sonic!! Unit.1 ARASHI×SORA is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Tokyo Color Sonic!! / Drama CD (Shoya Chiba, Yuto Uemura, et al.)
Drama CD (Shoya Chiba, Yuto Uemura, et al.)

Tokyo Color Sonic!! Unit.1 ARASHI×SORA” is available for streaming on Spotify.

Do not support piracy. Remember to support the Tokyo Color Sonic franchise by streaming via official outlets.


"NEW DEVIATION" brings pop-punk rock music to the spotlight in the Tokyo Color Sonic!! franchise. While there was no initial confirmation on which music genres the franchise would be betting on for its music releases, 2 CDs in and listeners already have variety. It looks like the franchise is aiming at covering a wider range of music genres to highlight the unique points of each buddy team (and each vocalist). Variety seems to be the way forward and it makes Tokyo Color Sonic!! all the more exciting. The issue with the mixing in "Begin on buddy" is also present in this song, with Shoya Chiba's vocals still too quiet in comparison to the instrumental, at times being rather hard for the vocals to sound clear. That issue aside, "NEW DEVIATION" is an exciting fast-paced rock track with a pop twist in the lyrics.


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