Review | SOARA “Gonna Be Alright”


SOARA crank up the excitement levels for TSUKIPRO the animation 2. Matured performances + exciting instrumental are the band’s greeting card.

Title: Gonna Be Alright
Label: Tsukipro/Movic 
Release date: 23/04/2021 (digital) / 09/07/2021 (physical)
Genre: Pop/Rock


1 - Gonna Be Alright
2 - Gonna Be Alright -off vocal-

Track analysis:

1 – Gonna Be Alright

Overdriven guitar riffs, a thunderous bassline and upbeat drums lead the way for “Gonna Be Alright”.

The verses are fast paced with the bassline and organ melodies shine quite a lot and that’s because this song has quite the interesting mixing.

As if you’re on the stage alongside the band, the drums are behind you on the right, the organ is in the back to your left as the bass and guitars are close to you to left and right, respectively. And to complete this awesome soundscape is Toshiyuki Toyonaga in front of you leading the way on rhythmic guitar.

The chorus is addictive, never missing a bit of its excitement while guitars and drums power their way through it.

The vocals are overflowing energy, bringing a lot of excitement to the table. I even dare say that most of the excitement in this song is derived from the powerful performance by SOARA’s members.

Top marks and quite the exciting comeback for this group after a couple of months away from the spotlight.

This is going to be featured as 1 of the 4 opening themes for TSUKIPRO the animation 2, anime set to premiere in July 2021.

Gonna Be Alright is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.


SOARA crank up the excitement levels ahead of the premiere of TSUKIPRO the animation 2. Their new single, featured as one out of the four opening themes for the series, "Gonna Be Alright" is overflowing with energy. While the band's music still has that core youthful vibe, their performances are much more mature. It's awesome to find all members having equal time in the spotlight and showcasing a lot of chemistry when performing in unison. This is one of those releases made to hype you up. The energy, the good vibes, the happiness in it are all infectious.


Gonna Be Alright
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