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Anthos*‘s The Way I Am series wraps up with an outstanding performance in the groovy and dreamy “Might be” by SETSUNA.

Hana-Doll* is an idol project created by movic (TSUKIPRO, VAZZROCK, Tsukiuta, etc). 7 idols are part of Anthos, group signed to the fictional talent agency Amagiri Production.

Anthos* is comprised of Kent ItoWataru KomadaToshiki MasudaShunichi TokiDaiki HamanoSeiichiro Yamashita, and Shun Horie.

Title: Might be
Label: Movic 
Release date: 21/05/2021
Genre: Pop


1 - Might Be
2 - Might Be (Off Vocal)

Track analysis:

1 – Might be

A dreamy, summery soundscape welcomes you to “Might be”, the last entry in The Way I Am CD series.

The synths are glitchy in the background, giving this track a “broken” or “incomplete” feeling however that doesn’t remain like that for long.

The verses are downtempo, with a low bassline and a mix of washy and atmospheric synths creating shaping this groovy tune and carrying it over to the addictive chorus.

This chorus has an old-school 90s pop vibe to itself that I instantly fell in love with. It is punchy, groovy, quite catchy, and danceable, bringing influences of hip-hop in its beat while retaining the dreamy vibe from the verses.

Let’s talk about the vocals because Shun Horie is absolutely outstanding.

His vocals are raspy and low for this performance, reverberating in your ears (it’s recommended to listen to this song with ear/headphones) in the verses. That’s a mix of him tapping into his faux baritone range and singing incredibly close to the microphone (the latter being noticeable when, in the chorus, his vocals sound clear and with some distance put between him and the listener).

When the time comes for the chorus, he rises ever so slightly his voice tone, reverting to his natural tenor range, painting the soundscape in bright, warm colors while putting a smile on your face.

In the background – as the pitch vocals – listeners will find Shun Horie in an ever higher key although the vocals were slightly gated in the far back.

Additionally, during the bridge, Horie goes for a powerful head voice, blasting those crystal-clear high notes while impressing you.

As far as performances in this CD series go, Shun Horie’s is on par with Toshiki Masuda’s (as HARUTA) in “Taiyo ga Nemutteru Jikan ni”.

However, Horie has an “it” factor to his one-of-a-kind voice tone, being an extremely raspy high tenor (a rarity), something that enables him to sound effortlessly flashy and charismatic, with this being the deciding factor for me to say that this is the best song in The Way I Am CD series (but honestly, all songs in this solo CD series are awesome, please do check them out).

What a way to wrap this CD series with none other than an outstanding vocal performance and groovy old-school pop tune with a dreamy twist.

Might Be” is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Hana Doll* Anthos* - The Way I Am - Setsuna / Setsuna Yashiro (Shun Yashiro)
Setsuna Yashiro (Shun Yashiro)

Might be” is available for streaming on Spotify.

Do not support piracy. Remember to support Anthos* by streaming via official outlets.


Wrapping up The Way I Am CD series is SETSUNA's "Might be", one hell of an amazing song with a groovy bassline, a throwback 90s pop sound with hip-hop influences and a stellar performance on top by none other than Shun Horie. As far as catchy songs go, this one ranks pretty high among the 7 entries in this CD series and as far as performances go, this one has the most impressive delivery. Horie embraced his faux baritone range for the verses, reverted for his tenor range in the chorus, and even went as far as delivering crystal-clear head voice in the bridge and outro of the song. Incredibly consistent and displaying impressive control, Shun Horie went for an impressive performance in "Might be". All in all, SETSUNA's "Might be" wraps up Anthos*'s "The Way I Am" CD series in style.


Might be
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