Review | Roa Mizuki “Road to my honey!!”

Road to my honey!! is overflowing the classy touch of jazz and Mizuki Chiba‘s sweet vocals.

infinit0 consists of Rei Sukigawa (CV: Hinata Tadokoro) and Roa Mikaze (CV: Mizuki Chiba). The duo is signed with the fictional music label, Tsukipro.

Title: Road to my honey!!
Release date: 25/10/2019
Genre: Jazz


1 - Road to my honey!!
2 - Road to my honey!! -off vocal-

Track analysis:

1 – Road to my honey!!

In a first from Infinit0, Roa Mikaze’s Road to my honey!! goes the playful, mid-tempo jazz route.

Road to my honey!! kicks off in a gentle note, with a classy piano melody opening the curtain for this fun jazz tune. The verses have 2 different sides to them.

They kick off with some pace and with robust instrumentalization backing them but, as you get closer to the chorus, and even before the pre-chorus, the verse goes a bit quiet, leaving the spotlight available for Mizuki Chiba to showcase his vocals.

As a massive jazz geek, it is always a delight to find this underappreciated music genre being used in 2D music projects and done in a tasteful way.

This song exudes the flamboyance and improvisation of jazz in its drums. The drums aren’t overdone and don’t sound overwhelming. There’s some brushes action in this song, something that helps toning down the intensity of the drums and, at the same time, adds a classy touch to this track.

Their tempo is rather comfortable, there is no bebop speed in here but it’s not also a jazz waltz, which, for some people might make the song a bit too slow for their taste.

So, for Road to my honey!! you get the middle ground on the drums. On top of that, the beat is off tempo and the swing is pleasing, which adds to the overall enjoyment I get from this song.

This song also counts with some classy organ and brass melodies on top of the groovy and robust contrabass. Really, on instrumental alone, this song is already pretty good.

Also, Road to my honey!! has its Christmas-y mood going on, coming from those bells looping in the background.

Mizuki Chiba goes for a pretty interesting performance. His performance is sweet, focusing on his confident mid-tones and a little bit of vibrato – the latter goes insanely well with jazz music.

His energy is infectious and he gives off a warm vibe something that more than fits with the song’s title.

Road to my honey!! might not be the dance track or rock tune some were expecting however, it ended up being a pleasant surprise for me. The jazzy soundscape had me completely focused on the instrumental, trying to pick any details – and there are many – that this song has to offer.

Chiba holds himself pretty well in a solo setting, bringing this gentle jazz tune to life while being natural and confident at all times in his performance.

Road to my honey!! is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.


Roa Mizuki's "Road to my honey!!" is a thoroughly entertaining song that takes the listener to a classy and fun jazz bar soundscape. There is a lot of detail on the instrumental and Mizuki Chiba's showcases on the vocal end his talents and confidence. Jazz came as a pleasant surprise in this release and, somehow, has me wishing the group would venture through this route in future releases, especially taking into account at how tasteful the take on jazz music is in Road to my honey!!".


Road to my honey!!
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