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Rêve Parfait

Kurokami reflex” lacks the excitement that rêve parfait’s music had prior to their hiatus however, in return it brings a mature band to the spotlight.

Rêve Parfait consist of Reon (CV: Takuya Eguchi), Tsumugi (CV: Ryohei Kimura), Kuon (Kousuke Toriumi) and Aki (Yuya Hirose).


Regular edition
Title: 黒髪リフレックス
Label: Honeybee Black
Release date: 17/02/2021
Genre: Rock


1 - 黒髪リフレックス

Track analysis:

1 – 黒髪リフレックス

rêve parfait’s comeback song after 4 years is here and some things seem to have changed about the band’s sound.

Kurokami reflex” kicks off with an emotional intro but soon embraces its trademark fast-paced sound with shredding guitar riffs.

The verses have those fast changes between tempos, constantly shifting between up and mid-tempo, making Takuya Eguchi’s performance stand out for how tricky it is to keep up with those changes.

There’s a funky twist to the guitar riffs that weren’t common in the band’s sound before their hiatus not to mention how melodic everything sounds when the band’s sound was fairly chaotic and unpredictable.

Well, these changes are a result of changes in the composers’ team but I dare say that beyond those 2 changes, rêve parfait’s sound is as fun as ever, I reckon sounding now better than they did before (as their sound gotten less chaotic).

On the vocal end, fans will find, once again, Takuya Eguchi however now a much-improved singer, able to hold notes comfortably, going a bit up in his vocal register to add a bit of an edge to the performances and keeping himself always grooving along to the song.

If anything “Kurokami Reflex” lacks the excitement that rêve parfait’s music had however, this matured version of the band’s sound is genuinely interesting to listen to and will be easier to listen to for newcomers.

Kurokami Reflex” is available for purchase at CDjapan.

Kurokami Reflex / [reve parfait]
[reve parfait]


It is clear as day that rêve parfait's sound has changed. This is quite the change as their usually unpredictable punk-rock-meets-pop sound has turned predictable, carefully planned yet still with nods to the past. It feels like the band has moved on from their exciting, perhaps even youthful sound, and has matured. This maturing process the band went through has led to “Kurokami reflex”, a song with an entertaining sound, enjoyable performances, and overall solid sound. While longtime fans of the band will wonder where their original sound went to, new fans will find rêve's parfait to be welcoming and easy listening while still remaining true to their rock roots.


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