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pioniX showcase a gentler side in the winter themed acoustic rock ballad “Kimi e“.

infinit0 consists of Rei Sukigawa (CV: Hinata Tadokoro) and Roa Mikaze (CV: Mizuki Chiba). The duo is signed with the fictional label, Tsukipro.

TOBARI is a rock duo comprised of Shio Amagi (CV: Yoshiki Nakajima) and Kuroi Hashiba (CV: Tetsuei Sumiya). The duo is signed to the fictional label, SUNPRO (home to the pop-rock duo, ZIX).

infinit0 and TOBARI joined hands and are working as a group in the Neo X Lied series as pioniX.

Title: Xtory -Ten-
Release date: 29/01/2021
Label: Movic
Genre: Ballad


1 - キミへ
2 - DRAMA「twist -転-」 
3 - キミへ -off vocal-

Track analysis:

1 – キミへ

pioniX’s 3rd entry in the ongoing Neo X Lied series includes the slow paced and emotional “Kimi e”.

The song kicks off with in a gentle fashion, with atmospheric synths and strings calmly setting the stage for this lullabyish acoustic rock tune.

Kimi ehas the makings of a powerballad but it never fully materializes into it, instead counting with an R&B influenced sound in the verses – the acoustic guitar melody and drums mix exudes old-school R&B pop vibes – however, the song changes dynamics, introducing electric guitars.

These slowly paint the soundscape with passion, adding an additional layer of emotion to this song, leading up to the powerful chorus.

In this song you get to experience a gentler side to pioniX that, up until now, had been releasing uptempo rock tunes. This different approach to their sound actually works well with the members’ skills, adapting seamlessly to this new sound.

On the vocal end, pioniX showcase their versatility, going for a quieter, slower paced and more passionate performance than before.

There is a lot of falsetto going on in each of the member’s performances however, that is not overdone. That adds a layer of fragility to the performance, a nice touch to a performance that will ensnare your attention right from the start.

The verses have an interesting structure, split into 2 sections: the first one counting with infinit0 and TOBARI tackling their parts as duos, and the second one being a solo part for each member. This dynamic adds a unique flavor to this song.

Although all members were on top of their game for this performance, there was someone that stood out in the crowd.

Massive kudos to Tetsuei Sumiya as he really showed what his singing skills are made off with a stunning performance. His falsetto is stable and powerful, his mid tones were on point, being an important piece into making this song shine like it does.

All in all, pioniX absolutely throw it out of the park with “Kimi e”. Beautiful and gentle song with a wintery feel to it.

Xtory -Ten- is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

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