Review | OSIRIS “Chain”


Nostalgia hits hard for OSIRIS‘ emotionally raw comeback track that is “Chain“.

Title: Chain
Label: Aniplex
Release date: 19/06/2020
Genre: Visual-Kei Rock


1 - Chain

Track analysis:

1 – Chain

For many, one of the most anticipated releases in 2020, OSIRIS’ “Chain” arrived at a time that fans were starting to losing hope that the band would continue releasing music.

Chain” arrived as a special song created for a REALIVE! collaboration event and ended up being a highlight.

The song kicks off on top of an atmospheric soundscape, with chants in the background hyping up the listener. Slowly, dramatic strings and intense bassy drums create the intense setting for this song.

A punchy bassline and full-bodied guitar riffs drive the song forward at a consistent pacing, preparing you for the explosive chorus ahead. You’ll want to sing along to this chorus, really sing your lungs out.

The bridge counts with a shredding, emotional guitar solo that will have you on the edge of your seat. It is just the perfect measure, the perfect tone and emotional touch to it.

The emotions on it carry over to a slower paced section that arrives as a surprise, slowing the song a bit and making it possible for all the emotions riding on it to sink in.

With those in hand, the last chorus makes its entrance and you’re once again floored by the sheer rawness in Masanori Kobayashi’s performance.

In a way, “Chain” was a nostalgic listen for me.

Band Yarouze! is a beloved franchise – despite being in a weird state of “it’s being shelved” and “only parts of it are active” – that put rock and, especially, visual-kei rock on the spotlight once again (after FlyME Project went completely off the radar).

OSIRIS’ rock is energizing, theatrical, intense, all in the perfect measures.

The quality of their instrumentals and those powerful vocals by Masanori Kobayashi are a match made in heaven for fans of visual-kei rock – and talented singers that can breathe life into the genre.

After 2 years of no music releases, having the band make a comeback – even if only for this song (no one knows what are the plans for the band in the future) – was definitely nostalgic.

The quality that was presented in “Chain” is, in my books, more than enough to warrant more music from OSIRIS.

The lyrics say: “Don’t forget, we’re always by your side…”

Here’s to wishing we can all get more music by this outstanding visual-kei band.


OSIRIS' first song release in 2 years brought back their trademark intense visual-kei rock sound. Those warm, full-bodied guitar riffs, the punchy basslines and those bassy drums are still as good as ever. "Chain" sounds a bit different from the band's previous songs - as it leans more towards alternative rock territory and is clearly easier to listen to for those not that big fans of their intense, explosive sound - but at its core, it is still the same old OSIRIS. Masanori Kobayashi continues to impress with his performances, once again delivering a raw, emotional performance that puts the listener on the edge of their seat. All in all, "Chain" is the perfect comeback song however, a song that makes me beg for more.


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