Review | Mosotei Ichimon “Mousoutei no Tema”

Catchy and playful, Mosotei Ichimon’s “Mousoutei no Tema” is a memorable song that will make you want to sing and dance along to it.

Yoshiki Nakajima, Kento Ito, Reiou Tsuchida and Yuki Sakakihara helm the unique BL – Rakugo crossover TV show, Bokura Teki ni wa risou no Rakugo (shortened to “Bokuraku”).

The theme song for the show is performed by Mosotei Ichimon, group consisting on the 4 voice actors.

Title: 妄想亭のテーマ
Label: MOVIC
Release date: 26/03/2021
Genre: Jazz-Pop


1 - 妄想亭のテーマ
2 - 妄想亭のテーマ -off vocal-

Track analysis:

1- Mousou tei no Tema

On a first look, and especially knowing from where Mosotei Ichimon stem from – a show that is a hybrid of BL and rakugo – this song won’t be taken seriously.

However, as soon as it starts playing you’ll notice that you’re in for a quality 3 minutes with the vocals of Yoshiki Nakajima, Kento Ito, Reiou Tsuchida and Yuki Sakakihara.

Mousou tei no Tema” shows its charm through an elegant blend of jazz and traditional Japanese music.

The verses are simple, with finger snaps setting a comfortable tempo tempo for the song as shakuhachi and trombone melodies embellish the background.

The chorus is punchy, with a contrabass joining in the funky guitar work and the fast paced colorful bass drums, all complementing the jazz instrumental.

Alongside the vocal direction and how the chorus progresses, it results in one of the catchiest choruses I’ve had the pleasure to listen to in 2021.

The outro tones things down however, does that in an unexpected way.

The instrumental shifts from jazz to trap for what is quite the quirky section that invited the quartet to rap along to it. Instead, you get a couple of chants and quirky lyrics to top it all off. Not a bad trade off.

There are a couple of references and innuendos going on in this song – lyrics and ad-libs – that will be fun to try to catch, especially for those that are familiar with BL tropes and the sort.

When it comes to the vocals, Mosotei Ichimon have the upper hand, having a lineup of seasoned, highly skilled singers tackling this song.

From listening to this song with more attention, you’ll notice that all members are riding on Yoshiki Nakajima‘s vocals, member that, intentionally – or unintentionally – took over the lead.

His vocals are robust, in a lower key than what most fans of his are used to but, when needed, he does go high in his register to match Yuki Sakakihara’s energetic high tones.

Kento Ito and Reiou Tsuchida complement each other perfectly. Ito has got that flair and sense in his singing that make his performances shine naturally however, I am particularly impressed with Tsuchida.

Reiou Tsuchida never missed a beat and was on the same level as his fellow members in Mosotei Ichimon. His mid-to-low tones are robust – on the same level as Nakajima’s – not to mention that he harmonizes with a lot of ease.

All in all, Mosotei Ichimon may sound like a group that shouldn’t be taken seriously however, the music quality and this lineup immediately contradict that.

Mousoutei no Tema” is a fantastic blend of jazz and traditional Japanese music, having a flair and elegance – even on top of innuendo-filled lyrics – that shines from the get-go. Powerful performances seal the deal for me.

A must listen.

Mousou tei no Tema is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

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