Review | Miyu Irino “April”

Miyu Irino reflects on how much isolation and a halt to all work in 2020 changed his life in the inspirational “April”.

Miyu Irino April cover
Title: April
Label: Kiramune
Release date: 22/09/2021
Genre: Acoustic Pop


1 - April

Track by track analysis:

1- April

Born of a sheer will to change during trying times, “April” is one of those songs in Miyu Irino’s repertoire that will make you stop, take in everything that is happening – even reflect on the lyrics – and then just completely appreciate the care he had in crafting a song that moves his listeners and long-time fans.

“April” kicks off with warm acoustic guitar melodies, keeping things simple and sweet.

The verses are slow-paced, bit by bit introducing different elements to it but always focusing on its minimalist feel.

A simple beat and piano melody join in, slowly lullabying the listener as Miyu Irino’s vocals paint a laidback yet inspiring soundscape for you.

The song’s structure is rather interesting as listeners will encounter the first chorus rather late into this song however, this is a really good choice in terms of storytelling.

It’s not meant to be a catchy song. It’s meant to tell you a story and that story can really flow in whatever format when it comes to music composition.

This freedom on the composition side makes me wish Irino would compose (and write) his songs more often because he does have the talent for it and this sort of sound does suit him incredibly well.

The song feels intimate with its acoustic sound as well as the choice for Irino’s vocals to be closer to the listener. It feels like he’s confiding in you, telling his stories while also giving you a pep talk. The gentleness in his vocals also adds up to this feeling, something that can make this song rather emotional if it ends up resonating with you.

As far as his performance goes, Irino’s performing in a comfortable, almost whisper-like way, making the best use of his sweet mid-tones. However, he does go the extra mile – and thus, making chills run down your spine – when he goes for those head voice notes mid-way through the song. There’s a lot of emotion in this performance despite how subtle it may sound like.

April” is yet another reminder of how talented Miyu Irino is as a solo artist. His songwriting side shines in this track, and the message he passes to his listeners is simple yet filled with hope and positive vibes.

“April” is available for streaming on Spotify.

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“April” is yet another reminder of how talented Miyu Irino is as a solo artist. His songwriting side shines in this track with a beautiful and simplistic acoustic sound, his vocals carry a whole lot of emotion and the message he passes to his listeners is filled with hope and positive vibes. Awesome direction with this song and a refreshing entry in his repertoire.


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