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Mamoru Miyano

Mamoru Miyano spreads good vibes and gives strength to his fans through the inspirational single “Dream on“.

Title: Dream on
Release date: 07/07/2021
Genre: Pop / R&B


1 - Dream on

Track by track analysis:

1 – Dream on

Vibes slowly make an entrance in this massive loungy R&B tune.

The verses in “Dream on” are slow-paced, focusing on rhodes piano melodies and a deep, downtempo percussion on top of dreamy atmospheric synths. The vibes are good on this track, giving off a mature twist to Miyano’s usual style.

The chorus is simple but incredibly groovy, with a punchy bassline painting a summery soundscape for the listener.

To further enhance this loungy and inspirational vibe, Mamoru Miyano’s performance is all about falsetto, legato, and plenty of R&B riffing. He didn’t pull any punches this time around, impressing right from the get-go.

To say that this song sounds good would be an understatement.

Instant favorite in this single.


The gears change and “MILESTONE” brings to the spotlight a bright, hopeful sound. The drums are bassy, the piano melodies are bright, the bassline is comfortable and there are beautiful accents in the percussion from the timpani during the verses.

The song picks up its pacing for the chorus, with the drums going for those fast hi-hats while washing away your problems, replacing those with good vibes.

I love how the song is pretty straightforward, without any heavy processing or elaborate transitions or build-ups. That makes the song sound a bit more intimate, following the lyrics that Miyano is passionately performing.

One thing I believe will shine in a live setting is the clap track ready for a call and response situation during the bridge. I can only imagine how much fun it’ll be to actually have the fans join in during that part.

When “MILESTONE” wraps up, you’ll want to hit that replay button yet again. Lovely track with a simple message that shines through Miyano’s upbeat vocals.

Final considerations

It’s been a while since Miyano has graced his fans with a groovy R&B tune, he achieved that in the title track “Dream on”.

I love how mature the song sounds and I’m not talking about the lyrics but about Miyano’s polished performance style. He’s confident and charismatic, exuding a magnetic appeal through the song yet having a child-like vibe going on.

This is pretty much a song that perfectly capitalizes on Miyano’s personality and artist self. As a result, you get a song overflowing in good vibes yet with a completely different vibe to other R&B songs in his repertoire.

The single ties up with “MILESTONE” another fun song that you can add to Miyano’s never-ending repertoire of uplifting, pure fun songs made to put a smile on your face.

This time around the song is much simpler in composition, sparing any complex or flashing transitions and being straight to the point. With those lyrics and a simplistic approach to the song’s composition, I believe fans will get to experience a rather intimate performance by Miyano with this track.

All in all, “Dream on” keeps Miyano’s ongoing positive trend of rock-solid, perfect CD releases.

This is a must-check single for anyone looking for good vibes, laidback music, and sweet vocals with a unique mix of falsetto and R&B riffing.

Dream on” is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Dream on” is available for streaming on Spotify.

Do not support piracy. Remember to support Mamoru Miyano by streaming via official outlets.


R&B is back to the spotlight for the title track, something that will put a smile on the face of long-time fans as well as fill that R&B void among seiyuu artists - that seldom embrace this music genre. The tie-up track "MILESTONE" is an equally good track that surely deserves more love than it gets. Miyano has really perfected his formula for uplifting, playful tunes and this song is a clear example of that. All in all, “Dream on” keeps Miyano’s ongoing positive trend of rock-solid, perfect CD releases.


Dream on
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