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Koutaro Nishiyama

Koutaro Nishiyama bids goodbye to his 20s in ska bundle of fun that is “Morning Wonder”.

Title: Morning Glory
Release date: 11/10/2021
Label: Lantis
Genre: Ska


1 - Morning Glory

Track analysis:

1 – Morning Glory

Morning wonder” kicks off with a playful sound, with guitars playing along with playful brass. The piano melodies and brass give this song a bit of a ska vibe, making this song quite warm and fun to listen to.

The verses are stripped down, with a simple triplets-driven beat and brass leading the way. As you get closer to the chorus, wah-wah guitar riffs join in the fun.

The tone is laidback, with the song not taking itself too seriously and this works fantastically.

On the vocal end, Koutaro Nishiyama delivers a performance that strays a bit away from what he usually does as a solo artist.

This time around there are barely any whispered parts, with the focus being, primarily on his mid-tones (and a bit of his higher range).

As a result, the performance may not sound as impressive or good as previous ones. I, for one, feel like this performance lacked a bit of the shine that Nishiyama usually brings to his performances.

Still, “Morning wonder”, song with lyrics by Tetsuya Kakihara, is a carefree entry in Koutaro Nishiyama’s repertoire. A song about growing up, changing yet still having the same motivation as he moves forward.

A fun, carefree way for him to bid goodbye to his 20s and welcome with open arms his 30s.

Morning Wonder” is available for streaming on Spotify.

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Goodbye the 20s, hello 30s. Koutaro Nishiyama's "Morning Wonder" is a carefree, fun ska song with a pop twist. However, as fun as this song is, it is a massive departure from the sound Nishiyama has, up until now, as a solo artist. This alone presented some challenges on the vocal end, with Nishiyama delivering a performance far from the usual quality he has used everyone to. Still, this a blast to listen to, having a crafty ska instrumental that is addictive and will spread good vibes.


Morning Wonder
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