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Kenichi Suzumura

Kenichi Suzumura marks his comeback to the music industry – after an almost 2 year hiatus -, to release the uplifting “Rhythm“.

Title: リズム
Label: Lantis
Release date: 08/10/2020 
Genre: Pop-rock / Acoustic pop


1 - リズム

Track analysis:

1 – リズム

Playful and laidback, Rhythm brings to the spotlight a mature mix of pop with rock and jazz. The Song kicks off to the sound of claps, with those growing in intensity, leading the way to the verses in which the dynamics completely change.

Acoustic guitars and loungy piano melodies are at the core of the feel-good vibe you get from this song. The bridge features a double solo with the piano and electric guitar going for a really cool bout.

There are bits of organ, the bass line is groovy and steady and the drums flow in a rather lullabyish way, something that you don’t often find in Suzumura’s music.

The pacing for this track is comfortable, much in the tone of a track you’d listen in a campfire trip. It is warm, playful and sounds like something that could come up from a jam session.

The fact that this song, despite having so many elements, does not sound overproducer nor overwhelming, helps enhancing that jam session vibe I was mentioning above.

All instruments know their place in their song, all have their time to shine and all fit well with each other.

It has been a while since I last heard Suzumura’s music.

What is interesting about his music is that, although it’s not really the type I’d go for to listen on a regular basis, it is the type of music that I know that, if I hit that play button, will put a smile on my face while being really bright and hopeful like Rhythm is.

Suzumura has a way with his music and also with his performances that make you always return to his music and have a really good time with it, it’s as if you’re listening to it for the very 1st time.

This is one of those tracks by Kenichi Suzumura that you just can’t stop hitting the replay button, uplifting and sweet, Rhythm is a song that I suggest you to check it out.


Kenichi Suzumura marks his comeback to the music industry - after an almost 2 year hiatus -, to release the uplifting "Rhythm". Exactly the kind of song meant to put a smile on your face, "Rhythm" shines in the way it tackles pop, jazz and rock always in a playful tone.


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