Review | Jin Ogasawara “Only one thing”

Jin Ogasawara brings a nostalgic brand of rock to the spotlight with his debut digital single “Only one thing“.

Title: Only one thing
Release date: 16/06/2021
Label: Beyond The Music
Genre: Rock / Electro-rock


1 - Only one thing

Track analysis:

1 – Only one thing

Jin Ogasawara makes his solo debut with the digital single “Only one thing” and what an interesting debut this one is!

Only one thing” is a song that explores a crunchy electro-rock sound that will put you both on the edge of your seat as well as make you want to dance along to it.

The verses ride on a comfortable tempo, with the bassline being punchy at all times. The beat is a mix of live drums and sampled beat, with the samples giving the track a groovy twist.

The verses build up the tension in a seamless way. When you notice, you’re already in the edgy chorus in which electric guitar and synths fight for the spotlight.

From this instrumental I get strong early 00s pop-punk-meets-electronica vibes and I really enjoy this.

It’s been a while since I last listened to a song in this tone and with such a vibe. In a way it is nostalgic yet it feels refreshing at the same time.

When it comes to the vocal performances, Jin Ogasawara has put to test everything he’s been learning and improving upon through his work as part of GYROAXIA in the ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream franchise.

He’s grown a lot as a singer – and has a lot of potential to improve even more – and he shows that by delivering a consistent performance filled with groovy mid-tones and delicate falsetto.

I was feeling the excitement in his performance, something that is also a good indicator that Ogasawara’s solo debut derives from his passion to sing rather than just a gimmick.

When “Only one thing” wraps up, you’ll hit that replay button again.

The song goes by in a flash, there’s a lot going on in the instrumental that deserves multiple listens to catch and his vocals are really pleasant to listen to.

Jin Ogasawa makes a rock-solid solo debut with “Only one thing”.

Only one thing” is available for streaming on Spotify and many other platforms.

Do not support piracy. Remember to support Jin Ogasawara by streaming via official outlets.


Jin Ogasawara brings a nostalgic brand of rock to the spotlight with his debut digital single "Only one thing". On top of a rock sound that is reminiscent of the early 00s, Ogasawara showcases his singing skills - that have vastly improved in the last couple of years - by delivering a stunning performance. Rock solid debut by the talented Jin Ogasawara.


Only one thing
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