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infinit0 embrace an exciting brand of rock and electronica for their debut mini-album, 0.

infinit0 consists of Rei Sukigawa (CV: Hinata Tadokoro) and Roa Mikaze (CV: Mizuki Chiba). The duo is signed with the fictional music label, Tsukipro.

infinit0 mini-album cover
Title: 0(Zero)
Release date: 26/07/2019
Genre: Alternative Rock / Electronica


1 - 0×0=∞ -インフィニート-
2 - Take it easy
3 - アドレナリンKISS
4 - ドラマ「心の空白 -side呂庵-」
5 - ドラマ「心の空白 -side零-」
6 - ドラマ「二人で」
7 - 0×0=∞ -インフィニート- -off vocal-
8 - Take it easy -off vocal-
9 - アドレナリンKISS -off vocal-

Track by track analysis:

1 – 0×0=∞ -インフィニート-

Delicate strings slowly remove the veil to this pop-rock track with a regal touch. Infiinito (0×0=∞ -インフィニート-)’s intro evolves into a fast paced event in which uptempo drums and exciting – at the same time, simple – guitar riffs, build up the excitement for this track.

However, the verses are, in contrast, quiet. The delicate strings from the intro make their appearance once again, leading the way as more elements join in. Among those elements you find delicate piano melodies, almost fickle and minimalistic synths.

Then, the song shifts yet again. A smooth bass line, electric guitars and bass-driven drums join in to add power to this track.

The song progresses rather swiftly into the chorus and, although the verses are rather short you instantly find yourself in the chorus, you won’t notice the transition as it is pretty much seamless.

The chorus is simple, packing a decent amount of power with it however, what stands out more is how contained and “at control” the instrumental sounds, it is as if it is a carefully crafted waltz – but, in this case, a pop-rock track.

Nice to see guitar solos making their way into their music, even though the one you get on this song is rather brief.

On the vocal end it is safe to say that “control” can also be felt here.

Hinata Tadokoro and Mizuki Chiba do a perfect “dance” for this performance, covering for each other, enhancing each other’s power output on the vocals end – thus, delivering pretty solid harmonizations – and, ultimately, sounding really good as a duo. Strong debut track.

2 – Take it easy

Things change around for Take it easy, song that goes the opposite direction of the previous track, ditching the speed in favor of a big focus put on a laidback, familiar sound.

Acoustic guitar riffs, a groovy bass line, simple mid-tempo drums and playful, summery electric guitar riffs create a welcoming, sweet soundscape for the listener to bask in.

Good vibes are exuded from this song that counts with sweet, laidback verses and a youthful chorus in which rhodes piano melodies cozy up with the listener. The organ solo is such a nice and unexpected addition to this track.

When it comes to the vocal performances, infinit0 are in the same page. Their solo parts a fun and warm, filled with a unique flair, when they sing together it’s when their vocal power shows.

The dynamic between Tadokoro‘s low, deep vocals and Chiba‘s playful mid-to-high tones makes this song sound youthful and a blast to listen to.

3 – アドレナリンKISS

And because there is more to infinit0 that what you’d expect from the 2 first tracks, the duo goes for an alluring, high-tension performance in Adrenaline KISS.

Slow paced, alluring synths create the music bed for this electronica track in which brass and dirty, pulsing synths are king. Verses are quiet, riding on top of the simple bass line and synth stabs. The chorus is simple and classy, making your attention shift to the magnetic vocals instead.

And yes, the vocals are big on this track. Hinata Tadokoro‘s deep, resounding vocals are in their element in this kind of dimly-lit, sort of claustrophobic yet alluring sound. His vocals are on the same bass levels as the bass line itself which is pretty awesome.

At the same time, Mizuki Chiba adds a naive twist to this whole concept, something that flow pretty well with this big mood right here. Easily the best track on this release.

Final considerations

infinit0 make a pretty solid debut with 0 (Zero). This CD showcases the duo’s versatility by putting them in 3 different soundscapes with contrasting vibes on top of it.

The opening track, Infinito, puts the duo in pop-rock territory.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this track, shifting dynamics and pacing quite a few times, something that put me on edge, anticipating what more could be around the corner. This type of structure is unusual to say the least but it ended up paying off because it stands out like a beacon.

Take it easy quieted most of that and delivered a sweet acoustic rock tune with some lullabyish undertones. More than the instrumental impressing I can say that the vocals went for the most impact.

It is instantly noticeable the duo’s chemistry in this track.

And then, to change yet again the vibe and sound, infinit0 present the listener with a deep-bass electronica track that is as catchy as it is alluring, Adrenaline KISS.

Although rock fit them pretty well, this mature, alluring vibe feels right for the duo, putting the focus on their vocals which are surprisingly good.

Pleasant surprise in this lineup is Hinata Tadokoro that has awesome singing chops. His singing tone is deep, really low and controlled.

If you compare him to fellow 81 Produce talent and also TSUKIPRO member, QUELL’s Shunsuke Takeuchi (which is a normal comparison to make as Takeuchi is one of the few deep voiced singers in the franchise), you notice that while both – allegedly – share the same singing register, yet Tadokoro has more control over his vocals and sounds naturally comfortable in that low register which is a plus.

The big difference lies in that Tadokoro is a natural baritone whereas Takeuchi is a faux baritone. 2 awesome voices that, for some, might sound similar but, technically couldn’t be more distinct.

At the same time Tadokoro sounds like he can be more complete when it comes to hitting those high notes and outputting vibrato and falsetto. Bonus notes to the fact that he does have a bit of Takehito Koyasu’s deep voiced coolness about himself.

Sure thing I can say is that 81 Produce sure knows how to nurture awesome singing talents.

Mizuki Chiba is a pleasant surprise as well.

Although his singing tone is clearly higher, he does have a clearness about it that makes him standout without much effort. He does have solid control over his vocals and can tackle falsetto with ease, not falling behind Tadokoro.

When it comes to working together as a unit, they deliver! Their voices are complementary and without any individual flaws, they sure make a great impression. Their versatility is also worth praise – just listen to how they tackled 3 completely music genres.

All in all, infinit0‘s 0 is robust release that is enjoyable at all times. It will be pretty awesome if the duo can find their sweet spot musically, a genre that defines them, because, right now, their top tier vocals are begging for something more.

0(Zero) is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

0 / infinit0


infinit0 make a pretty solid debut with 0 (Zero). This CD showcases the duo's versatility by putting them in 3 different soundscapes with contrasting vibes on top of it. Hinata Tadokoro and Mizuki Chiba showcase masterful teamwork in this release, being on the same page in all songs and, at the same time, making fantastic solo efforts. With this release they show that they do have the vocals to impress, now what is left for them is to find a unique sound for them, something that will fit like a glove with them.


0×0=∞ -インフィニート-
Take it easy
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