Review | infinit0 “Unrequited flowers”

infinit0 change things around once more, this time around embracing a romantic ballad sound and, in return, delivering quite the emotional performance.

infinit0 consists on seiyuu Hinata Tadokoro and seiyuu/actor Mizuki Chiba.

Title: infinit0 Drama vol.2「花」
Label: Movic
Release date: 28/02/2020
Genre: Ballad


1. infinit0 Duet Song「Unrequited flowers」 
2. DRAMA「やって来ました!大阪です」 
3. DRAMA「知らない横顔」 
4. DRAMA「知らない横顔②」 
5. DRAMA「花笑み」 
6. CD BONUS DRAMA「楽しい寄り道」 
7. 「Unrequited flowers」 -off vocal-

Track analysis:

1 – Unrequited flowers

A melancholic piano melody echoes in the soundscape “Unrequited flowers” delivers. Yes, infinit0 pulled off a ballad, more particularly, an emotional one with a touch of romance to it.

The 1st verse is performed with only a piano as an accompaniment, slowly and dramatically building up tension for the emotional chorus.

Dynamics change for the 2nd chorus, with strings, bass, acoustic guitars and drums joining in, cranking up the already emotional instrumental. The way the verses flow, almost lullabyish, into the heartwrenching chorus will make chills run down your spine.

The composition and arrangement for this song were done in a way that the emotions exuding from “Unrequited flowers” are almost raw and really intense. That’s a nice touch as far as emotional ballads go.

The song counts as well with a strings solo, fleshing out the longing in the vocals by Hinata Tadokoro and Mizuki Chiba.

The vocals have a gentleness that collides with the sadness of the instrumental and longing in the lyrics in a way that leaves a mark.

Tadokoro and Chiba delivered a strong performance in which both their individual parts and group ones got equal measures spotlight.

Chiba brought a bit of raspiness to the table, Tadokoro’s vocals seemed, in a part, to be close to giving in to the emotion in the lyrics. This kind of raw, emotional performance fit the duo pretty well and their skills only further highlights infinit0’s versatility.

All in all, “Unrequited flowers” is a beautiful song with a touch of romance and longing to it.

infinit0 Drama vol.2「Hana」is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

infinit0 Drama / Drama CD (Hinata Tadokoro, Mizuki Chiba)
Drama CD (Hinata Tadokoro, Mizuki Chiba)


infinit0 continue to impress with their versatility. The duo tackled a ballad for this release, fully embracing their emotional side to deliver a heartwrenching performance in "Unrequited flowers". Although the complete song is a highlight in itself, I'd love for you to pay attention to Hinata Tadokoro and Mizuki Chiba's vocals, there you have one of the rawest performances that will make chills run down your spine. Outstanding work on this one.


Unrequited flowers
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