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IDOLiSH7 continues to mature through their music and the results keep on impressing. “THE POLiCY” is one of the group’s best singles to date.

Label: Lantis
Release date: 04/08/2021
Genre: Dance Pop


2 - NAGISA Night Temperature
3 - THE POLiCY (Off Vocal)
4 - NAGISA Night Temperature (Off Vocal)

Track by track analysis:


Bubbly synth stabs set a playful tune to “THE POLiCY”, song that has a comfortable mid-tempo and a pretty unique structure. The verses have a duality to those, being split into parts that, in a way, tone down a bit of the tension in the track while leading the listener to its playful chorus.

There’s a focus on making the vocals stand out in that section and for that to happen, synths are toned down quite a bit. As a result, aside from the marimba-inspired synths, bassline, and simple beat, there’s not much going on in the verses.

The chorus does bring a couple of different things to the spotlight: the cheerful vibe to IDOLiSH7’s songs is still there however there’s a rather mature twist to it that comes as a surprise. At the same time, the vocals have vastly improved for the group and you can notice that in the harmonies as well as individual ad-libs going on.

This is one of those songs meant to put a smile on your face with its uplifting vibe and it suits perfectly with the summer season in which it was released.

On the vocals end, as I mentioned above, there are improvements to the individual skills, group harmonies and overall flow to the parts.

It’s nice to have Tsubasa Yonaga sounding much better than in previous releases – he’s been recovering from dysphonia – and there’s a massive bump in the power for the MEZZO duo – Atsushi Abe and KENN – that is dazzling everyone with their harmonies and ad-libs in the background. Yusuke Shirai got a couple of parts that flirt with rap – it’s not really rapping although the speed would hint at it – and he pulls those off with a lot of flair.

Takuya Eguchi feeds off the energy in this track and really goes for a colorful performance, with his individual parts shining quite a lot.

The core to the group – Kensho Ono and Toshiki Masuda – is overflowing with energy not to mention that their dynamic sounds more natural this time around.

Addictive and fun, “THE POLiCY” is an awesome entry in the group’s repertoire.

2 – NAGISA Night Temperature

Wrapping up this single is a pop tune with an old-school twist to it. The piano and synth melodies are bright, the bassline is crunchy, the beat is bassy and comfortable, channeling 90s pop vibes.

The verses in “NAGISA Night Temperature” progress at a comfortable mid-tempo that makes the sweetness in this song seep through to the listener.

Warmth is the first thing that will stand out when the chorus hits you. It capitalizes on the song’s sweet vibe but further explores it with the addition of delicate strings in the background.

IDOLiSH7 made sure to entertain you with a bubbly, earnest performance in which all members showed their singing chops. With the song having a funky twist and R&B influences, the focus on their performances was put on sounding incredibly melodic and smooth at all times – something they pulled off with ease.

Solid track that showcases how much IDOLiSH7 has improved in recent years.

Final considerations

While “THE POLiCY” is a song that feels out of place as the opening theme for IDOLiSH7 Third Beat – a season that has a somber tone – as a standalone track (and even as a single) it feels incredibly right.

IDOLiSH7 has been improving a lot as a group in recent years, with their music now showing their maturity even in tracks as cheerful as the title track “THE POLiCY”.

The single as a whole is consistent, with both songs on the same page in terms of feel and its “good vibes”. However, you’re welcome to dive deep into the lyrics in the title track and, perhaps there are some surprises for you there.

There’s a tropical vibe in “THE POLiCY” that suits the group. It’s not too aggressive, actually, you could really say that that sound is rather minimalistic in that track, taking into account how it only shows during the chorus.

Since updating the news article about this single and adding the tracklist to it that I’ve been curious about “NAGISA Night Temperature”. The title is unusual, rather long for an IDOLiSH7 song.

How will it sound like? Is this something new from the group?

Well, while it is not something refreshing from the group – they do have songs with a similar vibe in their repertoire – it does have a unique performance that is the result of the various improvements on the vocal end.

Perhaps it’s also a bit of the “mixing magic” that made the group sound better than ever.

Regardless, it is worth pointing out that individually there are noticeable changes.

When there’s a focus on bringing forth vibrato and ad-libs, KENN is usually on the frontlines. Harmonies are easily achieved when alongside Atsushi Abe. Rap – or even remotely close to rap parts – is performed by Yusuke Shirai, who has massively improved his flow in recent years.

Takuya Eguchi sounds more natural in his performances, opting for a performance in his natural singing tone instead of the old-school Nagi singing tone he had been doing.

Kensho Ono sounds less high-pitched and Toshiki Masuda honed his vibrato and harmonies, something that massively helps at keeping the group at a constant high level.

I love the direction that IDOLiSH7 has been going since 2020 and “THE POLiCY” is yet another step towards the group’s maturity. Their sound sure has been getting more interesting and less generic with time, something that makes me excited for upcoming releases by the talented septet.

All in all “THE POLiCY” is a strong entry in IDOLiSH7’s repertoire that brings welcomed good vibes with a carefree twist to the spotlight.

“THE POLiCY is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

THE POLiCY” is available for streaming on Spotify.

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“THE POLiCY” is a strong entry in IDOLiSH7’s repertoire that brings welcomed good vibes with a carefree twist to the spotlight. The group continues maturing through their music, bringing a cheerful set of songs that put a smile on your face but already showcase growth in the lyrics and even the way the parts are set. The title track is quite minimalistic about its tropical vibes. While it can be an issue for those passionate about tropical music, I actually believe this subtle approach suits the group best. Yes, it does tone down a bit of their energy but that is also a direct result of maturing. The b-side "NAGISA Night Temperature" is pure funky fun with some of the best vocals direction this septet has had since their debut. All in all, "THE POLiCY" is a strong entry in IDOLiSH7's repertoire. A must listen.


NAGISA Night Temperature
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