Review | FAM “ENLIGHTRIBE side.FAM -The first step-“

FAM kick off the ENLIGHTRIBE with an infectious punk-rock sound and powerful vocals by Tomohiro Yamaguchi on top.

Brief introduction

ENLIGHTRIBE is being marketed as a full-scale rock x character project.

At the moment there are no details on how big a scale it will be or if it will be a mixed media project like ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream is.

However, what is known is that the bands will work just like on DIG-ROCK which is to say that, out of the whole cast, only the seiyuu voicing the vocals will sing for their respective bands, whereas the other members will participate in drama tracks.

ENLIGHTRIBE counts with 3 bands in its lineup: FAM, SHIFTYZ and ESMERALDA.

For more details on this project, make sure to check this guide.


Title: ENLIGHTRIBE side.FAM -The first step-
Release date: 26/02/2021
Label: Movic
Genre: Rock / Punk-Pop


1 - 果てしない空 
2 - Never Loser
3 - drama track side.FAM #1
4 - 果てしない空 -Instrumental-
5 - Never Loser -Instrumental-

Track by track analysis:

1 – 果てしない空

Hateshinai sora” brings exciting rock to the table. Overdriven guitars, loud drums and an intense bass line complete FAM’s live house rock sound.

The verses are fast paced, carrying a lot of energy into the explosive chorus.

I love the bass-driven sound in the verses, adding a bit of depth to the song and leaving more than enough space available for Tomohiro Yamaguchi’s robust vocals.

The bridge greets fans with distant guitar riffs and a bass solo, leading to a powerful build up into the final chorus.

Tomohiro Yamaguchi’s performance gave life to this punk-pop tune, never missing a beat and showcasing a lot of consistency and skill.

2 – Never Loser

To wrap up this release, FAM present us with “Never Loser”, song that completely changes the vibe for the band. A thunderous bass line leads the way, being responsible for the groovy tone to this song.

The verses are pure rock fun, with guitars shredding on top of the bassy-drums.

Dynamics change between the verses and the chorus, with the chorus introducing fast paced, punk-rock inspired drums with a lot of double-bass going.

If you love a good guitar solo, FAM have the thing for you. In the bridge, the guitars go wild, with a powerful, albeit brief, guitar solo putting you on the edge of your seat.

I love the vocal progression in the chorus, raising the key for Tomohiro Yamaguchi, who was more than up to the test, delivering a performance filled with flair.

Final considerations

The first entry in the ENLIGHTRIBE franchise is out and it is quite like what I was expecting from it.

Rock is at center stage for this franchise, with each band having their own distinct touch on the genre while bringing to the spotlight lyrics related to the franchise’s own story.

I won’t dive into the story though. I leave that for you to theorize about as that what I came to talk to you about is the music.

FAM were the first ones at bat, being responsible for making a good first impression for ENLIGHTRIBE. In my opinion, they managed to do that with ease.

FAM don an energetic punk-rock/punk-pop sound with brief verses and even shorter, catchy choruses in the mix.

There’s a massive focus on bass elements, with both the drums and bass going for those powerful and deep bass notes at any given time. So, if you’re big on bass, FAM sure have the thing for you.

Those of you that enjoy the fast pacing of rock and shredding guitars that almost steal your breath away – literally -, FAM’s music is high-octane, never stopping for a break.

I was not familiar with Tomohiro Yamaguchi’s singing so this was also a first time for me.

He’s got powerful mid-tones, shows a lot of the baritone range in the way he sings – will have to listen to him in upcoming songs to ascertain whether he is a natural one or not – and he does have a lot of skill, and carries himself with a lot of confidence throughout.

So far, so good for me. Pleasant singing tone, robust skillset and a lot of energy going make Yamaguchi quite the interesting find.

All in all, I had a blast listening to ENLIGHTRIBE side.FAM -The first step- and am really curious about what this band will do next, as well as what I can expect from the other bands, now that the first step was taken and I already have a notion of where MOVIC wants to take this project to.

Promising band with a really enjoyable sound.

ENLIGHTRIBE side.FAM -The first step- is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.


FAM don an energetic punk-rock/punk-pop sound with brief verses and even shorter, catchy choruses in the mix. Their sound is intense and heavily focused on bass, counting with a lot of depth to their sound as a result. Tomohiro Yamaguchi is on vocals and delivers a powerful set of performances riding on top of his robust mid-tones. FAM make a good first impression + kick off the ENLIGHTRIBE franchise with quite the impact.


Never Loser
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