Review | rêve parfait “CHECK MATE TONIGHT / K O I”

[rêve parfait] is back with a rocking 3rd single release “CHECK☆MATE☆TONIGHT/K・O・I.“.

Label: Asgard
Release date: 26/04/17
Genre: J-Pop/Rock

The tracklist is the following:

2 - K O I
3 - CHECK MATE TONIGHT (instrumental)
4 - K O I (instrumental)

Track by track analysis:


For starters, one must mention that Eguchi’s voice in this track is rather peculiar, which in fact makes it quite difficult to recognize him. With its main focus on his vocal performance and the bass CHECK MATE TONIGHT‘s intro is done.

Despite the slow passed instrumental piece, this track has a jazzy yet loungey feel to it, delivered to us by the guitar and bass’s performance.

Although the track itself is somewhat simple one cannot disregard the fact that it was well-conceived, meaning that all the instruments are in harmony and are not overshadowing each other.

As it could not be left unnoticed, Eguchi’s rap is evermore on point. The guitar adds just the right amount of heaviness to the instrumental piece.

However, the track itself does not appear to bring out the full potential of Eguchi’s vocals, which is a shame. The instrumental on the other hand is rather impressive, even though it also appears to be lacking some energy.


If the previous track was lacking some energy, KOI is overflowing with it. This one has a powerful intro lead by the guitar and drums which bring to life an altogether different track from the previous one.

One can easily say that this track is without a doubt one that brings out Eguchi’s potential, enabling him to sing without uneasiness, which will then have an impact on the rest of the track.

One must say that the guitar and the drums’ work are in complete harmony and in fact, they are the ones making this instrumental piece into something so great, though it may make one remember liar-S instrumentals.

Final considerations

CHECK MATE TONIGHT / KOI is overall a good single. Although there are some aspects that the group could change in order to be able to bring out the best of Eguchi’s vocal performance, one should not disregard the fact that KOI, for instance, is an amazing rock track that really makes any vocal performance shine.

Its instrumental piece is also on point, the guitar and drums being the focus made it heavier, therefore Eguchi had the perfect setting for his vocal performance. However, we must not forget CHECK MATE TONIGHT.

This track not only lacks energy but also does not make the most out of the different elements of its instrumental piece.

For instance, the loungy/jazzy feel that we get from it is quickly wiped out since throughout the track the momentum is not built up, instead, we have quite some awkward breaks and changes of rhythm which could be a good thing if well executed, but in this case, I cannot say that.

All in all, CHECK MATE TONIGHT / KOI was an ok single which only makes us look forward to the group’s next release, and expect that the group learns from this time’s mistakes.

CHECK MATE TONIGHT / K O I” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
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CHECK MATE TONIGHT / KOI is a single that feels like it could have been something truly good however is only passable. Still, the band stays true to their unique brand of powerpop/pop-punk rock and raw vocals.

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CHECK MATE TONIGHT / KOI is a single that feels like it could have been something truly good however is only passable. Still, the band stays true to their unique brand of powerpop/pop-punk rock and raw vocals. Review | rêve parfait "CHECK MATE TONIGHT / K O I"