[rêve parfait] and KYOHSO to perform songs for DYNAMIC CHORD anime

Dynamic Chord key visual with the 4 band leaders

We’re nearing DYNAMIC CHORD’s anime premiere. Today it was announced that, out of the four bands featured in the series, only [rêve parfait] and KYOHSO will perform songs for the anime.

[rêve parfait]band fronted by Takuya Eguchi, will be in charge of the anime’s opening theme.

The song is called “p.s.i hate you♡xxx” and is scheduled to be released on 18/10/2017. The single will be available in two different editions: regular and limited.

TBS and Asgard/Honeybee Black released the music video for the opening theme on youtube.

KYOHSO, band fronted by Showtaro Morikubo, will perform the ending theme for the anime.

because the sky…” is scheduled to be released on 18/10/2017 and will be available in regular and limited editions.

Additional details regarding both releases will be unveiled in the upcoming weeks. Be on the lookout for more updates from us.

We end this article with some [rêve parfait] stills.