Re:vale to perform new song for upcoming PSVita game “Twelve Fantasia Tour”

IDOLiSH7‘s first PS Vita game is going to feature a new song from Re:vale!

It was announced today on IDOLiSH7‘s official twitter account that the upcoming game “Twelve Fantasiaツアー” (Twelve Fantasia Tour) is going to feature a new song from Re:vale.

The new song is titled “奇跡” (Miracle) and will be playable ingame. No details were unveiled regarding the song being released physically or on digital format.

Twelve Fantasiaツアー” (Twelve Fantasia Tour), the PS Vita rhythm game is going to be released on 15/02/2018. The game fits chronologically between the events of the second and third story chapters of the smartphone game. A promotional video is out.

The game is available in two editions:

  • Regular: Game only. For those that pre-order this edition the first press bonuses are: new song episode + PS Vita theme (comes with a download code to redeem)
  • Limited: Game + t-shirt + new song episode (first press bonus) + pouch + pamphlet

The limited edition sold out as soon as it was put on sale. It might be available through proxy on CDJAPAN for those really interested in getting that special edition of the game.

Twelve Fantasia Tour” is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

SOURCE: IDOLiSH7 PS Vita game official website / IDOLiSH7 official twitter account