Re:vale “Re-raise” (Review)

Re:vale bring the flair and elegance of jazz and funk with Re-raise.

Title: Re-raise
Label: Lantis
Release date: 22/01/2020
Genre: Jazz-Pop


01. Re-raise
02. 永遠性理論
03. T(w)o…
04. Re-raise (Off Vocal)
05. 永遠性理論 (Off Vocal)
06. T(w)o… (Off Vocal)

Track by track analysis:

1 – Re-raise

A delicate piano melody and suggestive trombone melody create the greeting card for this elegant and mature jazz-pop tune. Brass plays a major role in making this classy jazz bar soundscape come to life.

The piano melodies are playful, the synths are minimalistic but play an interesting role into making the song stand out. Funky guitar riffs, a groovy bass line and simple, snary drums and Latin percussion fills complete this sound. A saxophone solo adds quality notes to this song.

On the vocal end this is easily the best we’ve heard of Re:vale. They are charismatic, fun and singing with a consistency and flair that will certainly standout. Top marks for this classy track.

2 – 永遠性理論

Shifting a bit away from jazz, we are presented with Eiensei Riron, pop-rock tune with a playful twist. This song is already well know to fans, having been first performed live at IDOLiSH7 2nd live REUNION. The song follows a simple formula, with a 4-piece rock band sound setting the tone for this song with fun melodies in the verses.

As the song progresses, brass makes its entrance, giving the song a bright layer. The guitar solo in the bridge is the best one in a Re:vale song, having the perfect length and being a valuable addition to this song.

On the vocal end, Shinnosuke Tachibana and Soichiro Hoshi deliver a fun and warm performance that makes this song all the more entertaining.

3 – t(w)o…

To wrap up this release we have t(w)o…. It is not often that we get to listen to Re:vale performing a balladesque song. t(w)o… has an unmistakably holiday vibe, with bells, gentle strings, sweet acoustic guitar and bass melodies and slow paced drums. It exudes a warmth and gentleness that is not characteristical of this duo but that ends up fitting them well. Props for the strings solo that have a refined touch to this song.

Once again, Re:vale showcase strong teamwork and individual consistency. It is really the cherry on top of a good song to have a solid performance on the vocal end. Although its replay value might differ based on how much you enjoy listening to seasonal songs, it is a n overall great tune.

Final considerations

Re:vale brought to the table a mature, improved sound.

From the jazzy elegance of Re-raise to the playful pop-rock in Eiensei Riron and the balladesque landscape in t(w)o…, this release simply couldn’t fail to impress. The instrumentals are fun while exuding growth and more mature vibe – the later being particularly noticeable in these past two years.

This mature sound that continues the trend of evolution and growth for the duo, the consistency across songs and themes explores, as well as the vast, noticeable improvements on the vocal end, make this release a must listen

Re-raise is, easily, the best we’ve heard from Re:vale.

Re-raise is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.


Re:vale brought to the table a mature, improved sound. Their mature sound is accompanied by an elegant set of instrumentals and improved vocals by the duo. All in all, this is the best I've heard of Re:vale. Absolutely masterful release.


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