Live Report | Sir Vanity 2nd Live “midnight sun”

Sir Vanity 2nd Live midnight sun

Sir Vanity took the stage by storm covering its entire repertoire in its 2nd live show “midnight sun”.

Official Live report

Voice actors Yuichiro Umehara and Yoshiki Nakajima, composer Satoru Kuwabara, and creative director Taisei Watanabe formed the band project Sir Vanity, which performs while declaring it is merely a “hobby”.

Their second live performance, “midnight sun”, was held on April 2, 2023, at Zepp Haneda, less than a year after their first live performance “Vain Fish” held in July of the previous year.

This one-time-only concert drew a large number of fans, eager to see what the four members, each active in different scenes, would showcase during this live show.

Upon opening the venue doors, the audience was greeted by a set reminiscent of a night forest.

The screen in the background displayed a starry sky, while plants were arranged in the foreground, and the chirping of birds could be heard when one listened closely. As the audience immersed themselves in this conceptual space before the start of the concert, suddenly, numbers appeared on the screen, and a countdown began.

Starting at 60, the numbers ticked down to zero, and at that moment, the screen turned bright red, and the stage was illuminated, revealing the figures of Sir Vanity.

Amidst the red glowing lights, they performed their first song, “Dawn“. The powerful band sound, along with the vocals of Umehara and Nakajima, was delivered to the audience, who responded with cheers and waving hands.

Sir Vanity midnight sun live report
Yuichiro Umehara

Without pausing, they moved on to their second song, “Ray“, their singing becoming even more energetic, accentuated by the fantastical stage lights.

Let me hear your voice, Zepp Haneda!” Nakajima shouted, and the audience responded enthusiastically. This was Sir Vanity’s first live performance where they could hear the audience’s voices, and the audience’s response conveyed how much they had been waiting for this moment.

Without a moment’s rest, they then performed “Suikyo“, further heating up the already frenzied atmosphere.

As they continued with more fast-paced numbers, they took a break with a middle-tempo song, “Rain“, which made the audience naturally sway their bodies to its pleasant sound. Following this was “Toumei an Watashi“, with the stage lit up in blue light, and the audience even clapping along to the intoxicating music.

Sir Vanity midnight sun live report
Yoshiki Nakajima

We didn’t get any rest for this live performance“, Umehara revealed after performing five songs non-stop, expressing the amount of passion they had poured into this concert.

However, their MC time was brief, and they quickly started the next song to keep the heat going. Starting with a four-beat, they played “Ajisai“, with the screen projecting a sea in the rain and lyrics written in handwriting. The emotional music stirred the hearts of the audience.

The concert continued with more passionate performances from Sir Vanity, who showed the audience their love for music and their dedication to this project.

After the conclusion of the “Heartbreak Trilogy” with “goldfish” and “finder“, the venue was shrouded in darkness.

Then, a spotlight fell on Sir Vanity, and cheers erupted from the audience.

Sir Vanity midnight sun live report
Satoru Kuwabara

Next up is a song about memories“, and the spotlight focused solely on Umehara. He began singing “Sakura, Neko, Densha” and the other band members’ instruments joined in, along with the light filling the entire stage. It was a number that conveyed how much the band members enjoyed performing, and the audience felt it too.

Next was “My Pace Maker“, and as the energetic performance began, the lights flickered rapidly in blue and yellow. The audience raised their hands above their heads and swayed to the music. The moment the venue was filled with a sense of unity.

The power of the sound was raised even further, and smoke began to pour out as they performed “HERO“, accompanied by countless lasers racing around the venue.

Sir Vanity midnight sun live report
Taisei Watanabe

As the “non-stop” performance continued, the stage was filled with red and white lights as they performed “Haruka” The overwhelming sound filled the venue, followed by a hard rock sound in “will“, and the audience raised their hands to the energetic music.

To maintain the momentum, the drums roared and combined with the band’s performance, and they began playing their debut song, “Vanity“. Literally, four songs were performed non-stop until this point.

Next will be the last song.


Even if you say that, there are no more songs. We’ve played them all!

Sir Vanity midnight sun live report

The last number starts from such a heartwarming interaction with the audience. The closing song for this live performance is “Ichinichi no owari ni”, a song that celebrates the preciousness of every day that passes by so naturally.

As the refreshing vocals resonate, the screen displays the evening sky as a fitting end to the day. At the end of the song, a large amount of confetti falls from the ceiling, and the live performance ends in great success.

Sir Vanity midnight sun live report

After “Ichinichi no owari ni”, the venue is filled with applause. The applause gradually turns into clapping, and the audience requests an encore.

The members of Sir Vanity return to the stage, expressing their joy once again at being able to hold this live performance. They then move on to the introduction of their merchandise, in a relaxed and humorous tone that elicits laughter.

Sir Vanity midnight sun live report

They then proceed with the encore, but since they have already performed all their songs, they decide to play some of them again in response to the audience’s requests. The three songs chosen for the encore are “Toumei na Watashi“, “Ichinichi no owari ni”, and “My Pace Maker“.

In the end, they perform all three songs in a medley, bringing the true end to this live performance.

Sir Vanity midnight sun live report

Sir Vanity continues to work vigorously on their music production, having released their first mini album on March 8th.

With their ability to captivate their listeners, their future activities are definitely worth keeping an eye on.


1 - Dawn
2 - Ray
3 - 酔狂 (Suikyo)
4 - Rain
5 - 透明なわたし (Toumei na Watashi)
6 - 紫陽花 (Ajisai)
7 - goldfish
8 - finder
9 - 桜、猫、電車 (Sakura, Neko, Densha)
10 - My Pace Maker
11 - HERO
12 - 悠 (Haruka)
13 - will
14 - Vanity
15 - 一日の終わりに (Ichinichi no owari ni)
16 - 透明なわたし (Toumei na Watashi) - ENCORE
17 - 一日の終わりに (Ichinichi no owari ni) - ENCORE
18 - My Pace Maker - ENCORE

On another note: Sir Vanity recently released its 1st mini-album “midnight sun“.

©2023 Sir Vanity

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