[Report] OSIRIS ONE-MAN LIVE TOUR “Re:incarnation”

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OSIRIS, hardrock band from the rhythm game Band Yarouze!, are currently on a national tour. We bring you 2 reports from their tour.

OSIRIS ONE-MAN LIVE TOUR “Re:incarnation”」kicked off in on 06/10/2017. The tour ends on 01/11/2017 in Tokyo.

This report includes the show from 06/10/2017 in Fukuoka at BEAT STATION and 09/10/2017 in Osaka at Banana Hall.

06/10/2017 Fukuoka by Nijimen

OSIRIS performed for the first time in Fukuoka, due to that, fans’ anticipation was through the roof for this concert.

The opening song, “Bloody Masquerade” was perfect to kick off this concert with, befitting of the Halloween season. Between heavy guitar riffs, powerful drums and a thunderous bassline, Kobayashi‘s energy and charisma stood out, impressing the writer. The cheering was loud for the first three songs until Kobayashi‘s MC corner kicked in, allowing the band to rest a bit.

Kobayashi mentioned “I don’t sing like a woman, I sing in an alluring way.” (this statement might be due to performing “Heavenly Breeze“, song known for its extremely high key). The band then returned to perform several cover songs including Fairy April‘s “eat sweet Night“. Then the atmosphere changed when two songs were presented in acoustic versions (the names of those songs aren’t mentioned on any report).

The energy inside of the venue didn’t tone down even with those acoustic songs. As the concert was nearing the end, the writer noticed that the crowd was as energetic after over 10 songs as when the concert had started.

OSIRIS returned for an encore after the crowd’s loud cheers. The band came sporting more comfortable clothing this time around, wearing the tour’s t-shirts.

At the end of the live, Kobayashi mentioned that OSIRIS are going to hold their first fan meeting in December (29th).

The writer ends the report mentioning that the venue was overflowing of OSIRIS‘ colors during and after their fantastic performance.

09/10/2017 OSAKA by Gamegift

The sold out live house was filled with the fans’ anticipation, When the lights went out, the sound of the bells and eerie melodies grew and the members entered the stage dressed with the tour costumes.

Frontman Masanori Kobayashi (as Kyo) enters the stage

Kobayashi‘s “Welcome to Re:incarnation” was more than enough to hype up the fans, the tension rose on and off stage. According to Gamegift, his presence and charisma overwhelm everyone, regardless of venue.

One of this tour’s cover songs is DIR EN GREY‘s 残-ZAN-. The reporter mentions that the fast paced song, heavy guitar riffs and the raw vocal performances were incredibly natural, it was as if DIR EN GREY were present. Once again the venue was overwhelmed.

To calm everyone a little bit the band performed accoustic songs. The gentle melodies relaxed everyone and, according to the writer, it’s was easy to notice the band’s skills as they performed rich and beautiful melodies so flawlessly.

When all the performances were over, the four members gathered deeply and thanked everyone before left the stage. Gamegift‘s report doesn’t mention the encore nor what songs were performed besides the cover song.

Knowing the still small repertoire OSIRIS have at the moment, it’s safe to say that all OSIRIS‘ group songs were performed, mixing in one or two cover songs in the setlist.

SOURCE: Gamegift / Nijimen

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