Mamoru Miyano took over the stage in late 2022 to showcase his own brand of “entertainment” to his fans in MAMORU MIYANO ARENA LIVE TOUR 2022 ENTERTAINING!.


Popular voice actor, actor, and singer Mamoru Miyano wrapped up his three-city live tour on December 25th at Nagoya Gaishi Hall in Aichi Prefecture.

With his newly released album “THE ENTERTAINMENT,” which was released on November 2nd, Miyano performed a total of 18 songs, including new ones and an encore, expressing his own brand of “entertainment” to fans.

The darkened venue for MAMORU MIYANO ARENA LIVE TOUR 2022 ENTERTAINING! lit up with an emblem of a luxurious cruise ship representing the theme of the live tour.

As the sound of a whistle echoed, the silhouette of the main performer, Mamoru Miyano, appeared wearing a vibrant suit.

Mamoru Miyano Entertaining 2023 3

The concert started with the lead song from his new album, “THE ENTERTAINMENT“.

Miyano moved to the center stage with his dancers and performed “Hikari Sasu Hou e“, a song with a groovy arrangement that resonated with the audience. He continued with powerful messages and an adult atmosphere in songs like “Butterfly“, “ZERO to INFINITY“, and “LAST DANCE“.

After the intense set of performances, Miyano introduced the band and dancer members, “Team Mamo,” who joined him on stage.

Miyano then performed the mid-tempo ballad, “EVERLASTING“, creating a warm atmosphere in the venue. He greeted the fans, saying, “This is the tour finale! Let’s have a great night together in Nagoya! Thank you for being here!

Mamoru Miyano Entertaining 2023 2

Miyano continued with a ballad section, singing “Toumei“, a song with hopes for a better future, and then surprised the fans with a Christmas song, “Xmas to you“, limited to the Aichi venue.

During the interlude of the song, Miyano played the harmonica, making it the best gift for his fans. He cooled down the venue’s energy with “Sotto Tokete Yuku Yo Ni“, before taking a break and showing a video of past intermissions from his previous concerts.

The video showed that Miyano was struggling to come up with the ultimate entertainment for his fans, and he finally chose “manzai” as his next move.

With a set that mimicked that of a comedy show, Miyano and Shun Takagi performed as “entertainers” in a comedy duo. They performed a comedy sketch with a theme of “an incident on a luxury cruise ship” and ended it with Miyano’s cue, “Let’s go!“.

The concert then followed up with the lively pop song, “Ikou!

Mamoru Miyano Entertaining 2023 1

Wearing a blouson studded with sequins, Miyano appeared on stage and showed a synchronized performance with the dancers.

Then, he went into a medley section and performed four songs, “Dream on“, “Beautiful Night“, “Question“, and “HELLO!“, which further raised the energy in the venue. Miyano linked them up with the upbeat tune “Journey” and continued to “Orpheus“.

For “EXCITING!“, Miyano had a call-and-response moment with the fans.

Although the venue was silent as part of measures against infectious diseases, Miyano moved to the center stage and increased the sense of unity with the audience through the choreography that has become customary at his live performances.

Next is the last song” he announced and talked about his thoughts on this tour. “This time, it became a tour during the pandemic, and I was wondering what kind of time I could spend with everyone and what kind of live performance I could create. We are all trying to do entertainment around the world, but as Miyano, I was also scared because it has been a long time since I went on a tour, and I was also curious about everyone’s feelings. Since we decided to do it, I named it ‘ENTERTAINING!’ because I want to show the best performance to the people who come to play“.

He expressed his preparation and feelings for the tour and said, “The most important thing I thought about today’s tour final is that ‘I want to hear everyone’s voice‘”.

Mamoru Miyano Entertaining 2023 5

At the same time, Miyano mentioned that he will continue with his entertainment activities because he believes that if he keeps doing what he loves, he will eventually have the opportunity to hear everyone’s voice.

I will continue to make fun things, so please come and see me again!” he promised his fans. “Everyone’s voice is in this song. Even though you can’t sing out loud today, please sing with me in your heart and let your feelings be heard!” he added before singing the final song, “TEAM“.

Towards the end of the song, he stopped playing around and let his band members, dancers, and backstage staff take over the chorus, giving the fans a chance to sing along.

Encouraged by the fans’ applause, Miyano returned to the stage and performed his signature song, “Kiss×Kiss“, riding on a movable cart and showering the fans with kisses.

He then announced that is going to sing the opening theme for the TV anime “THE MARGINAL SERVICE”, which is set to air in April 2023.

He also revealed that a 15th anniversary commemorative concert, “Miyano Mamoru Anniversary Live REQUEST III”, is going to be held on June 3, 2023. With more exciting news to come, he continued to sing “MILESTONE,” expressing his gratitude before leaving the stage.

Mamoru Miyano Entertaining 2023 4

The fans, reluctant to let go of the tour finale, cheered and clapped for Mamoru Miyano’s return to the stage for the third time.

Thanks to all of you calling for me, I was able to come back like this! Thank you very much!” he expressed his gratitude to the fans and performed the double encore song “Encore“.

The three-city, six-show arena tour, which was held after three years, ended successfully amid great excitement.


2 - 光射す方へ (Brighter ver.)
3 - Butterfly
7 - 透明
8 - Xmas to you
9 - そっと溶けてゆくように
10 - 行こう!
11 - Dirty Orange 2022 REMIX(Dream on〜Beautiful Night〜Question〜HELLO!)
12 - ジャーニー
13 - オルフェ
15 - TEAM
16 - Kiss×Kiss
18 - アンコール

On another note: MAMORU MIYANO ARENA LIVE TOUR 2022 〜ENTERTAINING!〜 is going to be released on Blu-ray and DVD.


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