[Report] B-PROJECT 2nd Anniversary『DARK in the HALLOWEEEEN』

B-Pro 2nd anniversary

Earlier this month, B-Project celebrated their 2nd anniversary with a special event. We bring you the report from this event.

B-PROJECT 2nd Anniversary『DARK in the HALLOWEEEEN』was held on 01/10/2017 at the Tokyo International Zero Great Hall.

The event had two sessions, day and night. During the night session there were several announcements made. This report’s focus is only on the night session.

Natsuki Hanae (Thrive), Yuto Uemura (MooNs’ leader), Genki Okawa (MooNs), Shoya Chiba (KiLLER KiNG) and Taku Yashiro (KiLLER KiNG) attended both sessions.

Yuto Uemura

Taku Yashiro

Natsuki Hanae

Genki Okawa

Shoya Chiba

Both sessions of the event counted with a special B-PROJECT quiz to determine who would get to seat as, and we quote, “KING of HALLOWEEEEN“. Genki Okawa won that title during the morning session.

Midway through, the quiz turned into appeal time that is after the cast was notified that replies that the MC found “interesting” would get +1 point.

After wrapping up the quiz part it was time for Special live video screening. Performance videos for THRIVE‘s dreaming time, KiLLER KiNG‘s 極上フィクション, MooNsBrand New Star and Kitakore‘s 恋セヨ乙女 were shown.

It is mentioned by Pash Plus that those videos were using a mix of CGI and motion capture, leading to more realistic and fluid performances.

After that, the cast was back to a new variety corner: “Illustration Relay“. This challenge required teamwork as they each member only had 10 seconds to draw something. Genki Okawa put to test his excellent drawing skills whereas Yuto Uemura left people wondering what he had drawn on the board.

The next corner was named “Three Count Pressure“, consisting in solving problems in 3 seconds. The first to get 10 correct answers would win.

After finishing all games, Natsuki Hanae and Yuto Uemura shared the title of “KING of HALLOWEEEEN” during the night session.

The event ended and the lights were off – or so people thought. All of a sudden the announcement videos played. A new anime season as well as a 4th single series + solo songs were announced much to the fans’ excitement. Some fans were even crying upon hearing the news. The cast returned to the stage again, commenting on their joy regarding the second anime season announcement being greenlit. The second season of the anime will count with KiLLER KiNG, the last unit to debut part of B-PROJECT.

You can read more about B-PROJECT‘s 4th single series and anime announcements HERE.

SOURCE: Pash Plus

Translation/adaptation: THTFHQ midorin

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