Rejet’s shuffle units to release a Best Of in June


Rejet Fes. 2017 CHANGE was held this weekend in Tokyo. As most people know, Rejet Fes. not only is an event to feature and showcase their current titles but is also a place to unveil what’s in store for Rejet‘s first half of the year. This year is no exception as Rejet announced yet another project for their seiyuu units.

Pitagoras ProductionShuffle Best” is set to be a Best Of album featuring last year’s singles by their three shuffle units formed last year: Nebulas, Wonder Corona! and My Milky Way.

The Best of won’t include new songs like the previous ones under Rejet had in the past. The complete tracklist is the following:

01. ビバ★ラッ★チュ [Wonder Corona!]

02. 裸足のDestiny [Wonder Corona!]

03. 星だけが知る [NEBULAS]

04. POLYHEDRON -Stay Foolish Night- [NEBULAS]

05. まじかるルルルル♪ [My Milky Way]

06. カガミノナカ [My Milky Way]

07. サマジェラ [Wonder Corona!]

08. HANABI [Wonder Corona!]

09. カナリヤ [NEBULAS]

10. Ing... [NEBULAS]

11. カシマシLOVE [My Milky Way]

12. Hand in Hand [My Milky Way]

Alongside with the new Best Of were the announcements of a new game in the series as well as drama CD’s (IDOL OF STAR LIGHT KISS).

SOURCE: Marginal #4’s official website

Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
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