Readyyy! Project to host special live event on White Day

After holding the first event on Valentine’s Day, Sega‘s Readyyy! project returns with a new live event, this time on White Day.

Last month, the idol project “Readyyy!” was announced. Featuring an exclusively all-rookie seiyuu cast, this is quite possibly Sega‘s most ambitious project for 2018.

This project features a total of 5 units, all with rookie seiyuu from 81 Produce, Artsvision, Ken Production, Atomic Monkey and Aoni Production. Details on each unit, lineups, debut songs and more can be found HERE and HERE.

The special event is going to be broadcasted on White Day (14/03/2018) on Nico Nico, Fresh!, Periscope and Youtube. The accounts to follow on that day are the following:

Just 4 ULa-Veritta, RayGlanZ, 摩天ロケット (Maten Rocket) and SP!CA are going to attend this special broadcast.

SOURCE: Readyyy! official twitter account