Readyyy! Project to hold 3rd anniversary livestream

Readyyy Project

The Readyyy! Project franchise celebrates its 3rd anniversary this year and a special information livestream is going to held.

Readyyy! Project 3rd anniversary special livestream is going to be held on 27/02/2021 at 20h00 JST via Readyyy! Project’s official YouTube channel.

Hosting this livestream will be Norihito Hase (SP!CA), Yuki Sakakihara (La Veritta), Shuichiro Umeda (Maten Rocket) and Haruto Kuroki (JUST 4 U).

There won’t be live performances. This is an information-only livestream.

At the same time and also to celebrate the project’s 3rd anniversary, the franchise is going to hold Readyyy! 3rd anniversary Live “LINK THE MOMENT” at 1000 CLUB in Yohohama on 13/03/2021 and 14/03/2021.

SOURCE: Readyyy! official twitter account