Readyyy! Project to end distribution in June

Premature goodbye to Readyyy! Project.

Sega announced that Readyyy! Project, ambitious idol group project game, is going to stop distribution on 28/06/2019.

The company claims that failing to meet the players’ expectations is at the basis of this premature ending.

Readyyy! Project features an exclusively all-rookie seiyuu cast with talents from 81 ProduceArtsvisionKen ProductionAtomic Monkey and Aoni Production.

It counts with 5 talented units: SP!CAJust 4 U, Maten Rocket, RayGlanZ and La-Veritta that have been actively promoting the game even before its launch in 2018. 3 mini-albums were released in 2018 and a 4th one is also planned for release this year.

It is not known whether the project – music, live performances, etc – will still be up and running after the game’s end of distribution.

A note that this isn’t Sega’s first abrupt end of distribution of one of their games. Earlier this year, in January, the popular smartphone game Yumeiro Cast was also cancelled.

It is with pity that we say goodbye to this project and its talented cast.

SOURCE: Readyyy! official twitter account