Readyyy! Project release snippet of fan song “RE:motion”

Readyyy Project

The Readyyy! Project‘s units perform an exciting fan song in “RE:motion”.

RE:motion ~この一瞬を、何度でも~” or, in short, “RE:motion” is a “fan powered” fan song. It was created with collaboration with fans of the franchise via the crowdfunding platform, PIXIV FANBOX.

Fans got to choose some of the components/parts/details for this song as well as help out with the lyrics, crafting the ultimate fan song.

The song features vocals by all members of SP!CA , Maten Rocket, Just 4U, RayGlanZ and La-Veritta.

Check a short version of “RE:motion” in the official video below.

On another note: The Readyyy Project! franchise is going to hold a special 2-day live show – Readyyy! 3rd anniversary Live “LINK THE MOMENT” – this week to celebrate its 3rd anniversary.

SOURCE: Readyyy! official twitter account / Readyyy! Project @ PIXIV FANBOX