[Sega Fes 2018] Readyyy! Project announce digital single releases, 3 new live events, new cast

Readyyy! project was filled with announcements during today’s panel at Sega Fes 2018. We break them all down for you in this special article.

Today, Readyyy! project’s units were present at Sega Fes 2018 to talk about the upcoming game release as well as to exclusively unveil RayGlanZ‘s official music video for “GO NOW“, confirm two new live events and have a sneak peek at new cast members. The event was broadcasted live through Youtube, Twitch and Nico Nico.

Just 4 ULa-Veritta, RayGlanZ, 摩天ロケット (Maten Rocket) and SP!CA attended this event.

The first news of the day was the new cast members. Kazuya Nakai has joined the cast as Shousou Hasei, man responsible for the Readyyy’s dorms.

The next news was that Readyyy! Project is going to be released as a game for Android and iOS users. There wasn’t a mention of a set date of launch for this game but if you visit Readyyy! Project‘s official twitter account, there are already a couple of stills from the game available to check.

RayGlanZ‘s official music video for their debut single “GO NOW” was played in its entirety during this event. A still was later released on Twitter.

Still about music, it was announced that all debut singles from Readyyy! Project‘s units are going to be available in Japan on all DAM Karaoke spots as well as are going to be released digitally on 01/05/2018.

The songs to be released are:

  1. Special Nu World (performed by SP!CA)
  2. キミが見た空は (performed by Maten Rocket)
  3. 大胆不敵に恋したい (performed by Just 4U)
  4. GO NOW! (performed by RayGlanZ)
  5. BEAT IN LOVE (performed by La-Veritta)

The final announcements included three new live events. The dates and locations are the following:

  • 28/04/2018 – Gold Stage Vol 1. ~Bokura, Ashita nimukatte utaimasu!~ at Yomiuri Hall in Tokyo  (live performances + fan meeting) / MCs: Matsukaze Masaya and Daisuke Matsubara
  • 13/05/2018 – Gold Stage Vol 2. ~Bokura, Hareyaka ni omotenashi shimasu!~ at Yomiuri Hall in Tokyo (live performances + fan meeting) / No MCs.
  • 03/06/2018 – Gold Stage Vol 3. ~Bokura, Amanimomakezu omotenashi shimasu!~at Yomiuri Hall in Tokyo (live performances + fan meeting) / No MCs.

For more information on any of the topics mentioned above, please refer to Readyyy!‘s official website.

SOURCE: Readyyy! official website / Readyyy! official twitter account

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