SEGA’s new idol project: “Readyyy!” introduces 5 units and unique concept

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Sega (Sonic and Yakuza franchises, Yumeiro Cast), is going to launch an idol group project. Get to know everything about this project, including the lineups for each unit, story and more, all on this special article.

The idol project is called “Readyyy!” and features an exclusively all-rookie seiyuu cast. Rookie seiyuu from 81 Produce, Artsvision, Ken Production, Atomic Monkey and Aoni Production auditioned for the roles.

The lineups, story, among other details were unveiled today through a special live event + broadcast on Youtube. As soon as the project and lineups were announced, Oricon news as well as other news outlets in Japan enthusiastically started to hype this project.

On Readyyy!, the player takes the role of a rookie producer working for “Dear Production“, entertainment company that is only now producing their first idol sensations. The producer will be sharing dormitory with the 18 idols and getting to know them under the beautiful picturesque scenery of Kamakura.

At this point there’s not much unveiled on the game’s story. More on this will certainly be shared with media outlets in the upcoming months.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the story behind this project it’s time to present the  5 groups part of Readyyy!‘s idol project as well as details on their debut songs.

A reminder that you can click some of the pictures below for an higher quality look on each member.

Just 4 U

The unit consists of Haruto Kuroki (Ken Production), Issei Furuta (Ken Production), Shun Yasuda (Ken Production) and Taiki Bito (Ken Production).

Just 4 U are going to debut with 大胆不敵に恋したい (Daitan Futeki ni Koi Shitai), song composed by iTunes charting band ONIGAWARA and arrangement by CHOKKAKU (SMAP, KinKi Kids, V6, L’Arc ~ el ~ Ciel).


The unit consists of Yuki Sakakihara (81 Production) and Fumiya Tanaka (Atomic Monkey).


La-Veritta are going to debut with “BEAT IN LOVE“, song composed by Keiko Nakanishi (EXILE, Namie Amuro, Gospellers, etc) and arrangement by CHOKKAKU (SMAP, KinKi Kids, V6, L’Arc ~ el ~ Ciel).


The unit consists on Shuma Konoe (81 Produce), Masamu Ono (Ken Production) and Katsuyuki Miura (Atomic Monkey).

RayGlanZ are going to debut with “GO NOW!“, song with lyrics, composition and arrangement by SHIROSE from WHITE JAM (TVXQ/Tohoshinki, AAA, Da-iCE, etc).


The unit consists on Ryuichi Sawada (Ken Production), Tomohiro Ohmachi (Ken Production), Sonosuke Hattori (Aoni Production) and Shuichiro Umeda (Ken Production).

摩天ロケット (Maten Rocket) are going to debut with キミが見た空は (The sky that you saw), the song was composed and written by Macaroni&Cheese, producer team known for “HANDS UP”, song featured on ONE PIECE, among others.


The unit consists on Tetsuei Sumiya (Artsvision), Norihito Hase (81 Produce), Hayato Komiya (Artsvision), Noriaki Kanze (Ken Production) and Atsushi Endo (Artsvision).

SP!CA are going to debut with “Special Nu World“, song arranged by CHOKKAKU (SMAP, KinKi Kids, V6, L’Arc ~ el ~ Ciel) and lyrics + composition by Kazuaki Yamashita (Kis-My-Ft 2, Tacky & Tsubasa, V6, etc).

[UPDATED] A short video featuring character and unit introductions was unveiled by SEGA.

Details on the cast as well as their official twitter accounts (in case you feel like supporting these talented rookies) are available on the official Readyyy! website – HERE.

Additional information might be added to this article during this week.

SOURCE: Readyyy! official twitter account / Readyyy! official website

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