RE-O-DO “Dear Vocalist Evolve Entry No.1” (Review)

RE-O-DO makes an impact with his exquisite entry in Dear Vocalist‘s Evolve series.

Title: Dear Vocalist Evolve Entry No.1 RE-O-DO 
Label: Rejet 
Release date: 17/07/2019 
Genre: Punk-pop/Jazz-rock


2 - 9/10
3 - Dilemma [DRAMA TRACK]
4 - Paths are made by walking. [DRAMA TRACK]
5 - Return to the "No.1" [DRAMA TRACK]

Track by track analysis:


Raging guitars, powerful snare-driven drums and a noticeable bass line give life to CHAMPION. The hard hitting instrumental is slow paced and mixed in a way that does not overcrowd the instrumental therefore letting every snare hit, bass kick, and every guitar riff sink in and impact the listener. RE-O-DO’s punk-pop sound is flashy this time around with this song being the perfect opener for this new Dear Vocalist series. When it comes to the vocal performance, Toshiki Masuda made sure to showcase his polished vocals, delivering each verse with a touch of vibrato mixed with close to raw vocals. 5/5

2 – 9/10

To tie up this release we have the jazz-rock 9/10. Slow beats, groovy bass lines, funky guitar riffs, classy rhodes piano melodies shape this song into one of the most laidback and easy listening tunes in the whole Dear Vocalist franchise. Its funkiness is infectious and the vocals only add the cherry on top of what is this release’s highlight. Toshiki Masuda‘s performance is full of flair, with his low and mid-tones creating a deep, warm atmosphere while his vibrato shines. Loungy and classy, the complete opposite of CHAMPION but also the best complementary track. 5/5

Final rating:

The Dear Vocalist franchise is back, this time around with the exciting Evolve series. Kicking off this series in style is RE-O-DO, that brought to the table hard-hitting punk-pop and groovy jazz-rock.

CHAMPION is the kind of song that you listen to and it stays with you for how slow and powerful it is. Each beat is deliberate, each note on the bass reverberates, each guitar riff is meant to entice a reaction in the listener. Although incredibly simple as a song, this track leaves a mark and, within RE-O-DO’s repertoire, it ranks as one of his best songs.

9/10 is a slow paced, jazzy tune that sheds a different light over RE-O-DO and his sound. Easily the highlight in this release due to how well put together the instrumental is, the laidback vibe and Toshiki Masuda‘s melodic and warm vocals.

On the vocal end Toshiki Masuda showcased his skills, this time shifting from a punk-pop performance, in which there was a mix of clean with a bit rougher singing, to a slower, melodic and vibrato-ed performance.

All in all, Dear Vocalist Evolve Entry No.1 is a stellar entry.

Dear Vocalist Evolve Entry No.1 RE-O-DO is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.