RayGlanZ release complete music video for “GO NOW!”

RayGlanZ released today the complete music video for their debut track “GO NOW“.

RayGlanZ consists on Shuma Konoe (81 Produce), Masamu Ono (Ken Production) and Katsuyuki Miura (Atomic Monkey).

RayGlanZ debuted last month with “GO NOW!“, song with lyrics, composition and arrangement by SHIROSE from WHITE JAM (composer for TVXQ/Tohoshinki, AAA, Da-iCE, etc).

The complete music video was released at this year’s Sega Fes – that all Readyyy! Project‘s units attended – and was later created a twitter campaign in order for it be released temporarily on Youtube.

Upon reaching the pledged number of retweets, Sega released the music video today on their official youtube channel.


This animated video features character designs by Production I.G.

A reminder that this music video is only available for short period of time. If you find the video on this article to be broken it’s because time expired and the music video was taken down from Readyyy! Project‘s official youtube channel.

SOURCE: Readyyy! official twitter account