QUELL “WING” (Review)

From left to right: Koutaro Nishiyama, Sho Nogami, Shugo Nakamura and Shunsuke Takeuchi

QUELL return with a new single, this time with a take on the “Two Sides” project. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from them is that they can tackle any song and make it emotional, ethereal and powerful all at the same time and “WING” is no exception.

Title: WING
Label: Tsukino-Pro
Release date: 26/05/2017 
Genre: Ballad


1 - ドラマ「とある夜」
2 - ドラマ「それぞれの現場~英知の場合~」
3 - ドラマ「それぞれの現場~壱星&壱流の場合~」
4 - ドラマ「見えないもの」
5 - ドラマ「さぁ、行こう」
6 - WING
7 - WING -off vocal-

Track analysis:

6 – WING

WING” doesn’t necessarily follow the group’s musical direction (for those that are unfamiliar, the group is known for powerful electronic pop-rock instrumentals coated with skillful vocals).

This time around, the song they’re in charge of is sweet, one of those songs that will get you in a good mood after a bad day. The sorrowful acoustic guitar melody and the quiet synth pads give the feel of wind blowing gently and melancholically, envelopping the listener in such a way that it’s impossible not to get emotional. That tenderness in the melody will also let you know that this song is not about the instrumental but all about the vocals. It’s the perfect background to leave the spotlight to the vocal performance. And when it comes to vocals, QUELL is the right group to deliver a strong, memorable performance. The balance between vocals in this group is one of the best we’ve encountered in a rookie group. While some people might argue about the singing skills of some of the members (as solo artists), we believe that, as a group, they are insanely solid, having everything well covered, and that simple fact is what drives this unit to greater heights.

For this single we noticed that there wasn’t really a special vocal focus on anyone. Every member got their chance to shine and given the slow tempo, almost quiet instrumental, each vocal performance was taylored with care to make it possible for the listener to connect with the song, especially with the feelings they were trying to convey. Both instrumental and vocal performance are simple, yet mesmerizing. “WING” gave QUELL‘s fans yet another reason to be proud of them.

Final rating:

Outside” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

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