QUELL release preview of new song “Boku o Sasou Koe”


TSUKIPRO the animation 2 featured a preview of QUELL‘s “Boku o Sasou Koe” in its 3rd episode. A preview is out.

僕を誘う声 (Boku o Sasou Koe) is going to be released on 26/11/2021, included in the 2nd DVD/Blu-ray volume of TSUKIPRO the animation 2.

The DVD includes a CD with the following tracklist:

1 - 僕を誘う声 (QUELL)
2 - 衛星のシルヴィス (Growth)
3 - 僕を誘う声 -off vocal-
4 - 衛星のシルヴィス -off vocal-

A preview of “Boku o Sasou Koe” was released yesterday on Tsukipro‘s official Youtube channel.

A note that QUELL recently released their new single “YOUR FREEDOM” featured as one of the 4 opening themes for TSUKIPRO the animation 2.

QUELL consists of Shunsuke Takeuchi (leader), Koutaro Nishiyama, Shugo Nakamura, and Sho Nogami.

TSUKIPRO the animation 2 vol.2 is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: TSUKIPRO the animation official website