QUELL “Arigato” (Review)

QUELL are back in their element with “Arigato”, an ethereal vocal ballad, with sweet, lullaby-ish performances and a classy, minimalistic instrumental. This is the kind of ballad you want to be listening to on any occasion.

Title: Arigato
Label: Tsukipro/Movic
Release date: 18/05/2018
Genre: Ballad


1 - ありがとう

Track analysis:

1 – ありがとう

QUELL stray away from their electronic pop sound to deliver a stunning performance with a simple ballad. Classy strings make way for soothing synth pads that set a warm and comfortable vibe that envelops the listener. An acoustic guitar and a minimalistic bass line lead the listener through the quiet verses into the simple chorus. The only percussion this song has is basically a barely noticeable bass drum. One thing that immediately stood out when listening to this song were the work done with the strings. There’s some tenderness in them, especially during the verses however the intro had a contrasting dramatic touch that almost goes unnoticed due to its brief presence. However, the strings shine during the chorus, with particular emphasis on the latter part of it, in which the strings bring a refined touch to this song, much alike what you find in classic movie soundtracks.

On the vocal end we’re graced with one of the sweetest performances QUELL has ever given. The gentleness in their vocals and the quality of their performances were an highlight, soothing the listener in an almost lullaby-ish fashion.  The harmonizations are certain to capture your attention. There wasn’t really someone that stood out from the fellow members, however its worth mentioning that Koutaro Nishiyama keeps improving, showcasing some rather stable vocals in such a tricky, stripped down song as this one.

QUELL had their highs and lows with their 4 songs featured on TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION. They started on a high note with the exciting EDM tune “Because you are”, then delivered the heartwarming acoustic pop song “Small World”, only to stray away with the rushed and unpolished “Above the best”; thankfully, it all came to full circle and QUELL wrap up this series with the stunning acoustic ballad “Arigato”. The quality varied between them but one thing was always in their core: an ethereal, gentle vibe. They currently lack consistency, other than that they have a strong, talented lineup that can impress if prompted to.

All in all, “Arigato” is an ethereal vocal ballad, with sweet, lullaby-ish performances and a classy, minimalistic instrumental that will put a smile on your face. This is the kind of ballad that fits all seasons, it’s not too dramatic or depressive, it has a warm, grateful vibe that feels just right.

Final rating:

This song is included in the sixth DVD volume of the series.

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