Rejet releases music by Pythagoras Production on streaming platforms

One Dream Marginal #4 franchise

If you live in Europe, US and Latin America, this month Rejet made some music by the Pythagoras Production franchise available on streaming platforms.

Rejet is taking its first steps towards bringing music from their talents to streaming platforms worldwide.

After EROSION, that have their entire repertoire – drama tracks included – available on Spotify and Apple Music, it’s time for the Pythagoras Production to take a step towards that.

Although for many people living in Asia and Oceania music by Pythagoras Production‘s groups is already available since last year, only now some of it has been made available to those living in Europe, US and Latin America.

At the moment this article was published, only a small part of Marginal#4, Lagrange Point and Unicorn Jr.’s repertoires are available to stream on Spotify in Europe (where THTFHQ is based).

And it seems like Rejet is aiming to make Pythagoras Production’s entire catalogue available worldwide still this year.

For those on Spotify, here are the links to the profiles of each unit, special units and solo endeavors:

Make sure to support your favorite groups by purchasing their music. It’s through CD sales that your favorite seiyuu earn a decent paycheck for their activities in the music industry.

Alternatively, always stream on official platforms instead of downloading music from illegal downloads websites.

SOURCE: Marginal #4 artist page on Spotify

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