PONY CANYON open online merchandise store for overseas fans

If you ever wanted to grab new merchandise by Jun Fukuyama, Hiro Shimono or Shunichi Toki, now is the time.

PONY CANYON opened their international merchandise store this week.

For those fans of PONY CANYON’s solo artists of seiyuu background such as Hiro Shimono, Jun Fukuyama and Shunichi Toki, this comes as a pleasant surprise.

You no longer need to resort to proxies to acquire those fancy pieces of merchandise, as now it is possible to purchase your favorite male seiyuu’s official merchandise directly from their label’s store.

In the list below, check the merchandise sections for Shimono, Fukuyama and Toki’s merchandise:

On another note: P’s Live! -Boys Side- is the title of PONY CANYON’s upcoming live featuring the label’s male talents – of seiyuu background.

Hiro Shimono, Jun Fukuyama and Shunichi Toki headline P’s Live! -Boys Side- in October 2020.

Source: PONY CANYON official store