Paradox Live’s 3rd album “ANTHEM” to be released in March

Paradox Live

The Paradox Live franchise wraps up the Road to Legend CD series with the release of a massive 3rd album “ANTHEM”.

Paradox Live’s 3rd album “ANTHEM” is scheduled to be released on 27/03/2024, in regular edition.

The cover art is the following (Reversible):

The album includes 3 DISCS. The contents are the following:

  • DISC1 & DISC2: Includes over 30 songs, including 9 new songs (1 per group)
  • DISC3: New voice drama tracks

The tracklist is the following:


2 - Get It Back (The Cat’s Whiskers)
3 - Make it (cozmez)
4 - 悪漢太鼓 -This Is How We Roll- (Akkan Yatsura)
6 - Gotta Believe / AMPRULE
7 - EGOlution (1Nm8)
8 - カタルシス (Goku Luck)
9 - Let It Heat (Buraikan)
10 - Road to Legend (Buraikan)
11 - Takin' Over (cozmez)
12 - For my Stella (VISTY)
13 - Do as I say / AMPRULE
14 - Break Outta Here (1Nm8)
15 - STRONGER (Goku Luck)
16 - W△vin' FL△g (BAE)
17 - Ride Out (The Cat’s Whiskers)
18 - TURN IT UP!!!!!! -悪漢SOUL FEVER- (Akkan Yatsura)


1 - We △re The Future (BAE)
2 - True Pride / AMPRULE
3 - Shooting Arrows (The Cat’s Whiskers)
4 - edN (1Nm8)
5 - Hit em up (cozmez)
7 - 大火傷 - License To Kill - (Akkan Yatsura)
8 - Fight For Liberty (Goku Luck)
9 - DO or DIE (Buraikan)
10 - Nobody But Me / AMPRULE
11 - S∀G∀ (1Nm8)
12 - Endless Dream (VISTY)
13 - Trigger (Buraikan)
14 - G△L△XY∞ (BAE)
15 - No Matter What (The Cat’s Whiskers)
16 - Trust Nobody (cozmez)
17 - 喝采 -Leave It To Me- (Akkan Yatsura)
18 - Ch△mp1on (BAE)
19 - Two Crowns (cozmez)
20 - S.W.A.G. (Goku Luck)


Voice Drama "ANTHEM" vol.1
Voice Drama "ANTHEM" vol.2
Voice Drama "ANTHEM" vol.3
Voice Drama "ANTHEM" vol.4

More details on this 3rd album will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Watch this space for further updates.

On another note: Paradox Live THE ANIMATION premiered in October 2023. The franchise is also developing a smartphone game, still without a specific launch date.

BAE won the Road To Legend battle against cozmez and Goku Luck.

Paradox Live is a mixed media project that has hip-hop music as its selling point.

Avex and G Crest jointly develop the project featuring 9 teams:

[Disclaimer: Since AVEX pictures distribute Paradox Live THTFHQ won’t publish links to CDJAPAN’s store (or any store), as all stores are abiding by the label’s request not to export any of AVEX pictures‘ artist releases. More info on this can be found – HERE]

SOURCE: Paradox Live official website

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