Paradox Live to kick off shuffle CD series + release 2nd album “LIVE” & live BD/DVD

Paradox Live

Big news coming from the Paradox Live franchise. A shuffle CD series is set to kick off and the franchise’s 2nd album + live BD/DVD hit stores this summer.

Today, during Paradox Live Dope Show-2021.3.20 LINE CUBE SHIBUYA-, there were a couple of exciting announcements.

Fans of the Paradox Live franchise can expect a whole lot of music to be released this year with a shuffle CD series and new album by the franchise.

A live Blu-ray and DVD of Paradox Live Dope Show-2021.3.20 LINE CUBE SHIBUYA- was also announced.

Shuffle CD series

This is the big news of the day. The Paradox Live franchise is going to kick off a shuffle project CD series “Shuffle Team Show“.

The first entry in this series is expected to hit stores Autumn 2021.

Team formation is going to be decided by the votes of the fans held at the dope point site.

A promotional video is out.

2nd Franchise album

At the same time, and to compile yet another batch of recently released songs by all teams, a 2nd album is going to be released.

The album includes a new song by cozmez, team that won the 1st Stage Battle, as well as a song by 武雷管 (Buraikan), legendary MC team in the Paradox Live franchise.

Paradox Live 2nd album “LIVE” is scheduled to be released on 21/07/2021, available on regular edition.

The tracklist is the following:


2. Life Is Beautiful (The Cat's Whiskers)
3. Back Off (cozmez)
4. REBELLION -悪漢奴等 is still Burning- (Akkan Yatsura)
5. Mercy On Me (The Cat's Whiskers)
6. Ain’t No Love (cozmez)
7. F△Bulous (BAE)
8. ROWDIEZ -悪漢奴等 Wanted Vibes- (Akkan Yatsura)
9. [NEW SONG TBD] (cozmez)
10. BURAIKAN is Back (Buraikan)



A promotional video is out.

The full music video for “BURAIKAN is Back” is out.

Live Blu-ray and DVD release

Paradox Live Dope Show-2021.3.20 LINE CUBE SHIBUYA- is going to be released on Blu-ray and DVD on 20/08/2021.

More details on this release are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

On another note:

Paradox Live is a mixed media project that has hip-hop music as its selling point.

Paradox Live is going to kick off this Autumn a Shuffle CD series titled “Shuffle Team Show“.

The project is developed by Avex and G Crest and counts with 5 groups:

  • BAE consists on Gakuto Kajiwara, Ayumu Murase and 96Neko.
  • The Cat’s Whiskers consists on Ryota Takeuchi, Yu Hayashi, Natsuki Hanae and Junta Terashima.
  • cozmez consists on Yusuke Kobayashi and Toshiyuki Toyonaga.
  • 悪漢奴等 (Akkan Yatsura) consists on Takayuki Kondo, Shima, Shunichi Toki, Tasuku Hatanaka and Shogo Yano.
  • 武雷管 (Buraikan) consists on Kensho Ono and Junichi Suwabe.

The franchise’s first CD, Paradox Live Opening Show was released in February 2020. The franchise’s 2nd CD, Paradox Live Exhibition Show hit stores in November 2020.

[Disclaimer: Since Paradox Live is distributed by AVEX pictures THTFHQ won’t publish links to CDJAPAN’s store (or any store), as all stores are abiding to the label’s request not to export any of AVEX pictures‘ artist releases. More info on this can be found – HERE]

SOURCE: Paradox Live official website (New album info)

Last updated on 09/06/2021

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